A Sweet Little Space for The Dollhouse Room

As you probably know by now, I’ve been refreshing my kids’ rooms lately. My son’s room got a little update, my oldest daughter’s bold colors turned more subdued, and my middle baby’s room turned into a dollhouse feel with that scalloped wall – which I honestly didn’t even think about when I started creating that wall, but this girl could NOT be more into her dolls so it was an absolutely perfect coincidence!? I posted this photo on Instagram and my Facebook page the other night, when I captured her being the sweet little mama to her girls…

dollhouse room

I mean, these dolls are 100% human to her. They go EVERYWHERE with us. She was whispering to me the other day and I asked her why we were being so quiet and her response was, “because the girls are napping, Mommy.” DUH.

It’s pretty darn adorable.

So anyway, wow, I can go off topic, huh?

Let’s get back to this little spot in that photo – this happened after I realized the $5 grey desk which I took from the family room…

yard sale table makeover

…was not vibing as I thought it would in her room.

So it dawned on me to try that white bench from the dining room in here instead…

diy shiplap in a frame

And it was perfect.

So – stay with me here – I moved the grey desk to the dining room (you can see it in the corner here):

gallery wall

I moved this little bench (my aunt gave me when she was cleaning out her house) to the spot in the family room where the grey desk was:


AND THEN, I moved the white bench from the dining room to my girl’s room.

dollhouse room

WHEW! Did you catch all that? Another example of shopping around your home! You might have just the thing sitting in a different room somewhere.

dollhouse room

This is small, narrow, yet functional for this little nook. Her room is tiny, and I knew anything big and bulky would not work here. This fits the bill. That ruffley curtain (Target) on the right is her closet so she needs to be able to access that easily.

Let’s chat about the wall decor now…

I found that plug-in hanging lamp from Michaels and with 40% off it was crazy cheap! I can’t remember what it all boiled down to, but I think I spent like $15 or something crazy on it. It sets off a such a warm glow at night – my daughter LOVES it.

dollhouse room

I found the white letter and empty frame from Hobby Lobby, and decided it neeeded something extra. I already had extra mason jars laying around and the hanging things (JoAnn Fabrics sells them), so all I needed was to pick up some flowers to match her room. Michaels had these perfect dusty rose beauties – perfect shade to go with everything in here, like that DIY lamp shade…

diy scalloped wall

…and her rug…

scalloped wall

dollhouse room

This sweet little room is quickly becoming my favorite;)

Just a couple more touches and it’ll be complete – stay tuned!



  1. beautiful! Can you tell me where you found the rosette rug for her room?

  2. thanks – I’m looking for a white one just like that! I’ll check there!

  3. Haley Wietharn says:


  4. Absolutely beautiful! Can I ask how you hung the jars, letter and frame?

  5. samantha says:

    what paint color do you use on the walls? I am redoing my girls rooms but can’t seem to find the right subtle grey. help! lol

    • In this room, it’s actually a very light blue – I went with SW Tradewind at 30%. Paint colors are hard sometimes, especially when you have a vision of what you want – I’d suggest grabbing a few samples first and see what you love:) Good luck!

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