5 Minute Lampshade Upgrade

This might be one of my quickest posts in ND history. In fact, I don’t even have a ‘during’ shot for you – it was over that quickly.

You know I’ve been sprucing up my little girl’s bedroom, and a she had a very basic, blah lamp on her “nightstand” (really just an old stool;). It was a clear glass base and white shade, both from Target. She needed a touch of color, so I browsed the scrapbook aisle at Hobby Lobby and found some sweet little roses in just the right color…


I plugged in my glue gun, and a few dabs and a few minutes later, ta-da!

rose lampshade


Talk about instant upgrade! Boring lamp no more;)

diy scalloped wall

diy scalloped wall

Now, I know not everyone’s home needs a lampshade with roses, but maybe this same technique could be used with another cute decal in the scrapbook department. Or ribbon, or pom poms…the possibilities are endless! (If you go with ribbon though – a little dab of hot glue on the back seam is the way to go – sometimes you’ll see the glue through the ribbon so just securing it in place on the back side is best).  In just a few minutes, you can have a totally different lampshade!

Happy crafting:)

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