Favorite Things Friday #8

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Happy Friday…AND DECEMBER! <insert shocked face emoji over and over again>

I can’t believe it’s officially Christmastime. I love it.

Speaking of love…here are my favorite things this week!

1. Pioneer Woman

I love this woman. Her show just calms me and makes me want to live on a ranch forever and ever. Her cookbooks are fantastic – I own every single one (I can’t help it if they usually release around my birthday! ;). Her photos alone are reason to pick one up. I’ve been cooking from her ‘Dinnertime’ book a lot this week – the Oven Barbecue Chicken with her Mac and Cheese was an enormous hit the other night. We were all sticky bbq MESSES but all five of us had the fullest, happiest bellies, stating this was pretty much going to be everyone’s Birthday Dinner this year;)

Click this affiliate link below for a copy – you will NOT be sorry! (And would make an awesome Christmas gift!)

2. Sound Machines

We bought these for all our kids’ rooms when they were babies, to drown out noise so they could sleep and we didn’t have to be quiet. Two of our three kids still use them and I have to say, they are quite a blessing. With our new dog running around here pretty early, and kiddos who need their sleep before school, it dawned on me that these things have been a godsend for 11 years now! I’d say for a product that’s used about 10 hours every night for over a decade, that’s pretty good! It just adds a slight white noise/fan sound – just enough to drown out everything without being loud and annoying. Even if you don’t have kids, they really do lull you to sleep and help you stay that way.

They aren’t super cheap, but TOTALLY worth every penny!

3. Faded Vintage Style Rugs

Can I just tell you how much I absolutely LOVE the new rug we got in our family room?? Not only does it add softness and color and look great…a GLASS OF RED WINE SPILLED ON IT AND YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL. Sorry for the caps, but I am amazed. I was relaxing with a glass of wine – did I mention it was RED?? – when my oldest somehow knocked it over – it felt like it was happening in slow motion. I googled how to get it out and the first thing I read was something about dish detergent, warm water and vinegar. And darn if that rug doesn’t look EXACTLY the same. I was shocked. Still am. I think these faded/vintage-y/spotty rugs that are everywhere these days really work in your favor when it comes to spills anyway. They’re very forgiving in addition to looking awesome. Here’s a link to the rug: Abbeville Dark Blue and Cream Rug

Now, I have to run and finish up some Christmas decorating – hope to share some posts next week for you!

Have an awesome weekend, friends! XO


  1. Does your rug shed at all? I have a rug that sheds little fibers no matter how much we vacuum and I want to replace it with one that doesn’t shed!

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