Favorite Things Friday! #2

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Hey hey! Happy Friday once again!

Time for my weekly roundup post of some of my favorite things! I love that you share my excitement for this new weekly addition – I mean, how fun to just chat with friends a bit about things that make us happy, right? And you all have always felt like friends, so it just feels right:)

(And remember, like I said last week, I’ll add links whenever I can – and some are affiliate links, some are not. An affiliate link means that if you choose to buy it from that link, I get a small amount, which helps keep my little ol’ blog afloat, at no extra cost to you whatsoever. Just wanted to clear that up in case you see that word and don’t know what it means. I also love that linking up stuff makes life easier for you in case you want to check it out. No more having to email me asking where you can find it – it’s just a click away. And you know I will ONLY ever include stuff in here that I believe in and love. Ok. Now that I’ve got that off my chest…;)

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Dry shampoo

Oh goodness gracious do I LOVE ME SOME DRY SHAMPOO. I feel like I just keep hearing everywhere lately how good it is for our hair not to wash it every day – have you been hearing that a lot too? I’ve always been an every-other-day-er, but I’m trying to go longer – currently on Day 3 right now sans shampoo, thanks to this goodness from the heavens that sops up that nasty oily business that appears way too quickly on this head. Dry shampoo, I love you. I truly do. I’ve only tried this one, and it does the trick… (affiliate link)


2. Shark Rocket

Soooo…this has been a game changer, y’all. I’m not even kidding. I’ve always been one to buy the cheapest vacuum out there – I mean, we have area rugs for the most part, and at the moment do not have a pet – who needs an expensive vacuum?! Welp, you get what you pay for apparently. Maybe not at first, but in the end. Basically vacuuming was becoming pointless because my cheapo vacuum was starting to spew everything I was vacuuming back OUT. That certainly wasn’t helpful. And so I found myself going a ridiculous amount of time without vacuuming. I know. I never claimed to be the world’s greatest cleaner. I will keep things straight all the live long day, but don’t go looking at the dust on the tables or inspecting the rugs. I am famous for the long hand swipe across the tables when company’s coming over!

UNTIL NOW! This thing brings me so much satisfaction that I vacuum – wait for it – MULTIPLE TIMES IN ONE WEEK. Stairs? YES! Baseboards? DUH. Sofas? Pfff. Of course. And oh the attachments! The gratifying amount of CRAP (pardon my French) that gets sucked up…oh it’s just delightful. I even find myself getting it out just the sweep the kitchen floor! It’s lightweight and I love it. Did I mention all the attachments?! 😉    (affiliate link)


3.  Letter Boards

Loooooving me some letter boards lately. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and it has been so much fun to change out the sayings – and the kids crack up – one day they came home and it said “Why be moody when you can shake your booty?” They howled. I seriously want to get all of them one for their rooms because they have a field day with this thing. Even their friends love to come over and see what it says. You can buy one here that’s reversible – say whatttt(affiliate link)


4. My cute lightweight sneakers

Just picked these up from Target a few weeks ago and three people stopped me that day commenting on them! THEY HAVE NO TONGUE YOU GUYS. Sorry, not sure why that excites me so much, but I just think they’re different and cool. I love that they’re slip-ons, but have laces.  I have other slip-on sneakers without laces and after a while they seem to stretch out a little – but if that happens with these, I can just tie them tighter. Awesomesauce. And plus – they’re comfy, which you know, is an added bonus for sneakers I suppose. I like that they go with my everyday leggings-wear – you know, that look that says ‘I just came from a run and I’m just stopping in Target on my way home’ but in fact I did not. Nor was I considering it. I just dig leggings and sneakers. Guess the secret’s out. You can check them out here.


5. ‘You and Me’ Journals with my kids

Last year I picked up three spiral notebooks – one for each of my kids. I thought it’d be a fun way to communicate – just leave little notes for each other, or maybe dig a little deeper at times, if we so choose. It’s been great – for my girls anyway – my 8 year old son was into it at first, but his excitement has waned, as writing just takes time away from playing outside, so you know…

But the girls love it, and it’s been great this past month especially, as we entered middle school, and began a 4th grade year that was a little shaky at first. They both wrote pages about what they were struggling with, and it brought up a lot of teaching moments about life. We leave it on each other’s pillows when we’re done writing in it – and they’ll even write to my husband and leave it on his pillow if they write to him. We tell them to always end with a question, so we don’t just say the same things, and we’ll have something to chat about in the next entry. I highly recommend picking up a notebook and starting this tradition with your kids – it’s been fun and helpful, and brought about a lot of communication, which I hope never ends. I hope they always know they can talk to us (or write to us), if they need us, or even want to just share something funny. And how neat to look back on these journals one day when they’re grown!  Any old notebook will do, but my friend loved this idea and got a much cuter one for her daughter;)  (affiliate link below)

Alrighty, that’s my list for this week! Hope you found something useful, and thanks so much for starting your day with me! Have an awesome weekend! XO


  1. Loving your Friday favorites – thanks for sharing! Was in need of a stylish new sneaker & just ordered mine from Target 😊

  2. Michelle Bengermino says:

    we had a you & me journal! I loved exchanging that with you. 🙂

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