Off to Haven!

Oh MY am I excited to tell you where I’m headed!

Been planning and packing outfits and emailing with my mentor and reading about workshop schedules and writing and checking off lists and I cannot even believe I will be in Georgia on THURSDAY for the Haven Conference!!


I’ve wanted to go every year, but there’s always been an excuse…the kids are so little, it’s not in the budget, it’s the week of our family vacation…but the stars aligned and this is the year! (If you don’t know what Haven is – it’s a Design/DIY Bloggers Conference held every Summer).

I’m so pumped…and a little nervous. I’ve never taken a trip like this before. I’m flying down and rooming with my blogging buddy Jocie, from One Project Closer (The Better Half), but once we’re there, we’re kinda split up and on our own. I’m going to completely geek out around all my fave bloggers who I’ve followed forever. If you’re going, and you hear someone squealing and losing her mind, and she’s on the short side with blonde hair, chances are you’ve found me;)

I can’t wait to learn more about this blogging world, make friends, get inspired…I’ve been reading up on blogs from years’ past and it sounds like I am going to have a wonderful time and come home energized and ready to take this blog to a whole new level. I feel beyond blessed for this opportunity. And a big shout out to Mr. ND who said I absolutely should go the second I brought it up and for holding down the fort while I’m gone. He’s pretty awesome.

I’ll blog about it alllll when I get back, but you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I’ll be sure to annoy you constantly all weekend long with updates and shenanigans;)




  1. That is so awesome Liz!!!! I’m so excited for you! Yes, you will have to let us all know how it is! Can’t wait to see some of your pics with online faces that we will all recognize:) ha….you must be so excited! Go get um! Have fun and safe travels!

  2. I love your outfits! Any chance we can see them up close? 🙂

  3. I’ll be surprised if a significant number of those bloggers aren’t squealing about meeting Naptime Decorator! Enjoy lady, you’ve more than earned it!

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