Changing Up the Lighting: So Long Pendant, Hello Goosenecks!

Oh friends. I am so in love with the new lighting in our kitchen, I can’t even tell you. Well, that’s a lie. I CAN tell you – I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE NEW LIGHTING IN OUR KITCHEN!!!

That wasn’t so hard;)

But all jokes aside, this is a good one. And a true testament to “just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean you can’t change it up!” You’ve probably felt that way before, right? You like sometime, but some little voice inside your head is telling you to try something new?

I mean, the cute little pendant above my kitchen sink was adorable. And I got questions on that fixture a lot. I’m referring to this one…

Not a single thing wrong with it. But I kept thinking that a black gooseneck light on each side of the window would just be adorable. And if I kept the pendant it would just be too much going on. That was once a recessed light above the sink, and the hanging pendant came with a conversion kit that turned the recessed light into this beauty in about one minute flat. Just had to twist it up there like a light bulb. Genius contraption, if you ask me.

I’d been dying to try this Magic Light Trick by one of my favorite bloggers, Brooke over at Nesting With Grace. It basically allows you to hang any light fixture anywhere, with ZERO hardwiring. That’s right. My non-electrician husband hung these for me! Click here for her blog with all the details. It’s AMAZEBALLS. She just always has THE best tips! If you don’t follow her yet, you must. I don’t want to give too much away, because I want to send you over there to read all the nitty gritty – it’s not my idea of course and I don’t want to steal her thunder. But basically you just secure one of those light puck things into the sconce – she offers several ways to secure it, and I didn’t have any of them on hand, so I actually ended up using heavy duty two sided mounting tape. She has a couple videos on her blog too, if this sounds confusing! It’ll make sense once you see it!

But enough gabbing, let’s get to the pics!

I big fat love them.

I searched a while for the perfect ones, and these kept popping up on my search. They were on Amazon – here’s an affiliate link:

But when they arrived, they were too glossy and oil rubbed bronze-y for what I was looking for.

So I took them outside, and slapped some Rustoleum Flat Black spray paint on them and they were perfect! These are the times it’s great to be a spray paint hoarder and have exactly what you need on hand;)

Couldn’t WAIT to get them up on the wall and test them out!

You can buy a remote to turn them on (the lights are battery operated), but if it’s within reach, simply tapping them turns them on! We don’t turn them on for hours and hours on end, but when we’re in the kitchen at night, it’s a really great glow. And Brooke suggested rechargeable batteries, which I think we might get. She also links up the light pucks, in case you’re wondering about those!

Tap and voila!

I didn’t get any nighttime pics, but you can see a little of the light in these daytime shots:

As much as I liked the pendant, I love these even more!

Also – update on the painted counters – they are STILL holding up!!! Woohoooo!

Not much left to do in here, and I’ll be posting soon with all the details on WHERE ALL THE STUFF IS – for those of you wondering:)

Have a great day, friends! XO






  1. I loved your pendant light, but the new ones are amazing with your hardware! You have amazing vision…and a very patient husband! LOL!

  2. LOVE your new kitchen!! Do you have the information on where to get your old pendant light? Have a can light I would like to change out over my kitchen sink. Thank you!

    • thank you, Michelle! I have looked online but can’t find it!! 🙁 It’s called the Harper pendant from Home Decorators Collection. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me:)

  3. Wow, what a transformation! I LOVE the new lights, they look like they were made to fit this space. Great job. And I followed the link to Brooke’s blog and saved it to favs to try later.

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