The Difference One Light Can Make

Let me preface this post with an explanation – yes, this is another kitchen post, but cross my heart I’m working diligently on the basement, I PROMISE! I painted the plank wall today and started working on the gallery wall…so it’s coming, peeps, it’s coming! šŸ™‚ In the meantime though…

I’ve been seeing a lot of these pendant conversion lamps lately. Apparently, it’s basically as easy as screwing in a lightbulb to go from a recessed light to a hanging pendant light.

We’ve got recessed lights in our kitchen. We’ve got one above our kitchen sink and I thought, if it’s not that hard to turn that into a pretty pendant, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE WAITING FOR??

I *happened* to be on Home Decorators Collection’s website last week and *happened* to see their adorable pendants. One in particular that caught my eye *happened* to be on sale and *happened* to even have free shipping…and I *happen* to have a birthday next month…and my mom had just *happened* to ask me recently if there was anything in particular I’d love for my birthday.

See where this is going?

So just a few days later (that thing got hereĀ quick!), our kitchen got a little more character.

I was so excited to rip open the box and put it up that I didn’t even take a before picture, but here’s one fromĀ the island makeover post. You can see how the sink has nothing floating above it. Nada. Zippy.

kitchen island makeover

And now…

hanging pendant

So cute, right?!

I love it. It amazes me how different one little light can make an entire room feel. Seriously, people, lighting is THE most important thing in decorating. Well, ok, that’s just my opinion, but I really, truly believe it. It can change a space like nothing can.

At night, it’s gives off such a nice glow, not BAM! INYOURFACE like the bright recessed light was. (Fortunately, it’s on a dimmer, so I can make it brighter if Ā need be). And I can’t even tell you how simple this was. My husband thought I was an electrician when he got home from work and it was up. I almost didn’t want to tell him how ridiculously easy it was. I followed the directions in the box and it took about 3 minutes. THREE. MINUTES.

hanging pendant light

Happy birthday to MEEEEEE! Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. Now THAT’S what I call “Happy Birthday to Me”! Awesome and very pretty. Great job as always.

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