For the Love of Poufs

Got a nice new addition to our family room last week. Well, actually two.

fun with poufs

And I love them so much I had to blog about it.

I’ve been wanting some of those adorable cozy-sweater-looking poufs for a long time now. But it was always one of those, “I’m already spending a jillion dollars at Target right now, I can’t possibly add two $50 poufs onto the bill” kinda things. You know what I’m talking about, right? 😉

But God bless my brother and his wife, they got me a gift card to Marshall’s for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I mean, OH THE FUN THAT IS A MARSHALLS GIFT CARD, am I right??

So since it was burning a hole in my pocket, I headed over there like, the next day. Told you, hole. in. my. pocket.

I spotted some poufs…on sale!


My desire for a couple poufs in our family room suddenly got a whole lot more doable.

Since I’m such a cheapskate  thrifty shopper, I picked up one. Spent like nothing, since I had the gift card. I thought to myself, do people buy just one? I’d always thought I needed two, but maybe one is enough? I’ll grab the one and see how it looks in our family room. I can always come back. (It’s highly dangerous living as close to Marshalls as I do).

So I went home. Naturally, I fell head over heels for the pouf. It was a navy/grey combo – just perfect for our room.

My husband came home from work that night and loved it, and agreed, it needed a partner.

(See why I love this man so?)

Off to Marshalls I go! Twist my arm. They had one more in the navy/grey combo and it wasn’t in great shape. I just couldn’t spent money on a pouf that already looked beaten up. No matter how badly I wanted to.

I spotted a grey one. It was equally adorable. And I thought, huh. That would look pretty freaking awesome in our family room too! They don’t have to match, right? Right! I grabbed that puppy and headed home.


In fact, I am actually SO thrilled they didn’t have a match. The un-matchiness makes me love them more! (P.S. We’re gonna pretend we don’t see the bright yellow book and remotes on that table, mmkay? #rookiemistake)


And talk about versatile. They’ve been all over the house already (and make awesome rolling apparatuses for the children, in case you were wondering…). Great for sitting on, plopping your feet on, they make a great table for a kid, they hold a book and remote control like nobody’s business, add so much texture, and are just plain fun.


I just love ’em. And I highly recommend them. Major shout out to my brother and his lovely wife for the gift card that made it happen! Love you guys! 🙂


  1. What was the price difference between Target and Marshall’s? I’ve always loved these things. My grandmother had a 1970’s orange leather one but she called it a “hassack” (sp?). Wish I still had that thing around. I would love to recover it!

    • About the same. Marshall’s had some that were $50 (which I believe is the same as the ones I saw at Target a while back), but the ones I got were on sale for $39.

  2. I know in the blogging world we all photograph as if our homes aren’t even lived in, but seriously- I didn’t mind the book and remote at all. I think they look natural there.

    Anyway, I DIYed a pouf a while back, and it’s a horrible color, and was supposed to be a cube, but it’s just a squished flat cube. I need to kick that thing to the curb and get me one like yours!

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