Favorite Things Friday #11

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Hello!! Happy New Year, friends!

Hope everyone had a healthy, happy holiday. Getting back to reality now, and if I remember correctly, I used to do this thing called Favorite Things Friday?! 😉 Sorry, took a little blog break, lost track of the days of the week, stayed in pajamas for a week straight – all that good stuff – so I thank you for sticking with me through all that! Now let’s get down to business!

The things I’m happy about this week are…

1. Mindfulness

I always always always feel down after Christmas. January is not the best time for me. I get in a funk, it’s bitter cold out and feels like winter has gone on forever when it’s only just begun. But this year feels different. Yes, I started feeling the letdown the week after Christmas, like I always do. But the older I’m getting, the more I realize how ridiculously fast time goes, and we’ll be seeing those Spring buds popping through the frozen ground in what feels like the blink of an eye. I mean, really. Halloween was like YESTERDAY. And when I just stop and think about that, and start to see the beauty in this time of year – like the slowing down that comes after a season of nonstop hustle and bustle, like the inviting warmth of our home when we step inside from the freezing cold – it’s changed my whole outlook. When I just STOP… period. Even if it’s just for a single minute – to notice the sweet way my kids are giggling together when they’re playing upstairs, or when I wake early in the morning and feel the warmth of my robe as I pour my hot coffee. It brings me peace and I always feel grateful when those moments hit me. I hope to continue this practice because it has helped my winter doldrums immensely.


2. The 52 Lists Project

Full disclosure – I just ordered this and haven’t tried it yet, but I’m really excited about seeing where it leads. I wanted to wait until I could give you my little review on it, but since it’s a 52 week thing, I wanted to include it asap in case you wanted to give it a go, too! (I’ve got an affiliate link below, just click on it to order!). I love making lists, and I’ve heard great things about it.  I love starting a new year with self-reflection. I think that’s what’s so appealing about the new year. We’re always taking a little time to think about ways to better ourselves in various ways – I’m not one for making resolutions, but I do love the renewal and promise that a fresh year brings.  I hope I keep up with this journal and I’ll keep you posted…


3. Hygge

I really am quite the contradiction when it comes to winter – while I get the post-holiday blues, the homebody in me absolutely loves the ‘getting dark early/millions of layers of cozy blankets and pillows/flannel everything/curling up with a great book/family around/candles everywhere’ thing about winter. Enter Hygge. The Danish word for basically surrounding yourself with all things cozy, and the happiness it brings. And to that, I say: COUNT ME IN! So I’m trying to make it my mission while taking Christmas decor down, to cozy up this house with lots of textures, layers, winter whites, pillows, lots of candles lit every night…it really brings this ultimate homebody so much contentment and just gives me all the feels. Having my people around, playing games in the family room or working on a puzzle together sipping cocoa while the snow falls outside…it really doesn’t get any better for me and gives us all good vibes while we wait for Spring to come.

As you can see, Charlie’s embracing it big time…;)

Happy Friday, all! Stay warm, and get yourself a cozy blanket and a good book and Hygge it up!


  1. Diana Owens says:

    I just started my book The 52 Lists Project!

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