Dear January, I’m So Sorry…

So I finally got around to taking down the Christmas decorations.

Usually I HATE this chore. It makes my house look so darn sad and pathetic and bare. I get all grumpy and blah.

Oh January.

You’ve always been my least favorite. (Sorry, all you January babies – nothing against you, promise!)

But this year…this year couldn’t be more different if it tried.



I take it back. I take it alllll back!

I’m so sorry for ever doubting you, you beautiful January, you!

What, with your lovely simplicity…

January decor

…and your calming neutrals.

January decor

You’re like a breath of fresh air.

january decor

You’re just as cozy as the month that precedes you, with your snowy whites and textures…

january decor

And yet with all the bare trees outside, you let that sun in like nobody’s business.

january decor

After the Fall and Winter and all the glorious colors and layers this house held for months, it’s liberating to get back to bare bones. I find myself embracing it like never before. Which is funny, because I’ve never loved my house as much as I did over these past few months. There’s just something about these bare tabletops and minimal decor that is speaking to me. It’s like I needed it, even if I didn’t know it.

January decor

Maybe it was the INSANELY busy December we had – scratch that – INSANELY busy oh, September 1st through December 31st – but I didn’t really feel much Christmas letdown this year, and in fact, welcomed January and it’s beautiful, quiet personality with open arms. It was probably the best Christmas season our family has ever known, but with two December vacations on top of all the holiday festivities, it was exhausting on this mama. Crazy fun, but exhausting. So the thought of having time – weekends, even! – with nothing on the agenda…it feels completely, utterly amazing. How have I not appreciated that about January before?!!

Or maybe it’s the fact that I feel so inspired this year and cannot even wait to start ALL THE PROJECTS, but I just feel like January is the kickoff to some really good stuff.

January decor

So January, I apologize for all the hate over the past three decades.

Thank you for always being the much-needed, beautiful, simple, quiet break. And for being the start of so many good years, even if I never gave you any credit.

I hope you’ll find it in your gorgeous, wintry, cozy, peaceful, calming yet energizing heart to forgive me. 😉



  1. Amen!

  2. OMG, that blue pillow with the knit border- I LOVE IT!

  3. So COZY! I am lovin your January home. Are the twigs in the white pitcher just spray painted?
    So happy you are embracing January….I am a January baby 😉

    Stay Warm…

  4. What color are your walls in the living room? and the paint on the inside of the bookcase? Love how this room looks!

    • Thanks, Francine! The walls are Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, at 75%, and I just checked my can for the bookcase color and it’s so old that it’s been wiped out;) It’ll come to me – I’ll let you know when it does! Sorry!

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