Christmas Family Room Tour 2017

Hello! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend – ha! Who are we kidding, with Christmas two weeks away, right?! Relaxing maybe not, but fun? Hopefully! We had a jam packed weekend with Christmas parties and cookie baking and Polar Express and family from out of town, all the good traditions we were talking about in Friday’s post. It’s the busiest time of year, but good busy. 🙂

I finally took some pics of our Christmas family room for you this morning. We moved the tree to a new spot this year and I like it even more than last year….I hope you like it!

That’s my new Hearth and Hand wreath from Target there…LOVE!

A lot of the same things, but different places. That’s my wall lantern that I had to take down to put the tree in the corner. Worked out great as a little centerpiece in the nook!

Simple natural elements in a shallow bowl = instant centerpiece. (That’s the same bowl and greens from my pumpkins centerpiece by the way!)

Had to move the ladder as well. Hit a bit of a snag though – because of the board and batten, we got creative when hanging the mirror that always hangs in that spot. We screwed a wood block into the stud and then stuck a long nail in that. So we didn’t want to remove the wood block, since we’ll be putting the mirror back up as soon as the tree’s gone. Enter that swag of Christmas tree greens and a bow – ha! That’s hiding the block, and explains why I had to corner the ladder. Just don’t look too close;)

Nothing really new on the tv dresser, except magnolia leaves on the Full of Grace sign…


Guess that about wraps up the tour! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Looks beautiful as always!

  2. I.Want.Your.Home.! Please come to Florida and finish up my Christmas decorating!!!

  3. Can you source your coffee table? It’s super cute and looks like it’s just the right size.

  4. Where did you get that gorgeous blue rug?

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