Favorite Things Friday #16

It’s been a rough couple days for all of us, I know. I always struggle at times like this to talk about light topics, when so many hearts are broken. And I hate that I actually used the word ‘always,’ because that means it’s happened far too many times. But one of my friends said once that maybe we need a little distraction – even just for a few minutes – from the sadness, the heartache, the shaking of the fists. So without further ado, we’re going to share a cup of coffee together  – if coffee’s your thing, maybe tea? – whatever your beverage of choice – and take a minute to talk about some things that bring joy. No, it won’t change things, but maybe it’ll be a quick little respite, if that’s what you need right now…

1. Eucalyptus

Oh do I love these little leaves! I have them here, there, and everywhere and they’re just easy on the eyes. A little pop of green is never a bad thing, and the sweet, delictate stems just make my eyes happy. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but I know the Hearth and Hand line from Target carries them as well. One stem, or a whole bunch – they look beautiful either way.


2. Rae Dunn Mugs

I know I mentioned a while back that all mugs were one of my favorite things, and it is true. I have a problem. I pick one up like EVERYWHERE I GO. No one really needs the amount of mugs I own, when you think about it. But at Marshalls and HomeGoods, I always seem to spot a Rae Dunn mug I don’t own, and they call my name, I’m telling you. And they’re like $3.99. Can’t beat that. Not only are they so cute, but I really love the funky shape. I bought my brother a ‘DAD’ one for his first Christmas as a new dad, and he said it’s his favorite mug, and loves the shape too, so clearly this Rae Dunn is onto something! Not only does she have awesome mugs, but soooo many adorable things, like dog bowls, plates, platters…I’m a sucker for all of it!


3. My Village

Have you read The Church of the Small Things that I linked up in this previous post yet? Oh my. I wanted to get my post-its and highlighter out and make marks ALL OVER THIS BOOK. I think I will actually, because I don’t want to forget so many things that this beautiful writer, Melanie Shankle, blesses us with. It’s chock full of goodness. Have your tissues handy, because if you aren’t using them from crying your eyes out, you’ll need them for all the tears from laughing. But anyway, she speaks of her village in this book – it’s one of the most beautiful chapters in there – and mine happened to come over yesterday.  Because maybe right around the time you’re reading this, I am at Johns Hopkins, meeting with my immunologist, and maybe discussing how we get attack this large lymph node in my neck that cannot be removed, and well, just all-around anxiety inducing topics. I’ve been known to 1. cry, 2. pass out, and 3. throw up when I go to Hopkins, so I never particularly *enjoy* my visits there. It’s never what I would call “a good time.” 😉

So my village came over to rally around me. We cried – so many tears – our emotions were all over the place. They came to pray, and pray we did. Also to laugh, to hug, to drink coffee, and eat coffee cake. Because this week. Our hearts are hurting. We’re anxious. We needed each other, and we were there. And when they left, I felt just so thankful to have this village. These women were planted in my life – all at different times – and God’s handiwork is so evident when we’re together. Whatever happens today, I know they are in my corner and will continue to rally however hard they have to rally. And they know I would do the same.

If you’ve got a village, you know. If you’re looking for one, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – I believe we find our people when we’re our truest selves. Because we’ve all got battles we’re fighting, and there’s nothing like having people around you who support you, love you, and just come over bearing coffee cake when you need it most. 😉



  1. Anne Lepczyk says:

    Liz, you have a very large village of people who love you and will be praying for you today! You can count on me for lots of prayers! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. I’ve been a reader of yours for about a year now and felt I needed to respond and encourage you!
    Your transparency and authenticity are so refreshingly real! Many would still try to skirt the real issues they face in Life and paint the perfect picture with idyllic words!
    Praying that God would touch you and bring healing to your body!!
    Thank you for being YOU!!

    • Wow, thank you SO much, Mindy! You are so kind, and I appreciate your prayers and sweet words so much! My appointment went very well, and feeling so very thankful for people like you who are praying for me – it means the world, truly. XO

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