Favorite Things Friday #12

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Happy Friday!

It’s been a crazy week full of early dismissals, late openings, all due to ice and snow and below freezing temperatures, and ending with 60 degrees…that’s Maryland for ya! I am SO thankful for the warmer temps though – I was able to spray paint one particular project (Insta friends know what I’m talking about!) and I hope to finish that up soon and post next week! Fingers still crossed that it turns out…

But let’s talk about this week!

My favorite things right now are…

1. Twinkle Lights

I have my daughter and Nesting with Grace (LOVE HER!!) to thank for this find. My girl and I were at Five Below last week picking up some friend’s birthday gifts and she spotted these copper twinkle lights and asked if she could get them for her bedroom. I’d been wanting to check them out for a while now so I said yes. They are so cozy and fun that I decided I was going to go back the next day to grab a bunch more. Then I was on Instagram and saw that Brooke from Nesting with Grace had picked up some on Amazon – THAT HAVE LITTLE REMOTES!!! And TIMERS!! And they actually were cheaper than Five Below! I had to grab ’em. (Btw- go follow Brooke if you don’t already – I am obsessed with her style and she’s just the cutest thing ever)!

I am really loving them because they feel wintery but not Christmasy. I mean, sure, they feel Christmasy too, but without all the rest of the Christmas decor, they can totally just be wintery! Along with some other cozy and snowy white accents, it feels like the perfect January touch. And helps ease the pain that is a house without Christmas lights. I mean, after over a month of that beautiful soft twinkly glow, it’s nice to have some stick around post holidays.

It comes in a four pack and I need to pick up more batteries but I was able to get one going. Just one lit up this vase and two houses! I stuck them in the vase, then sorta finagled them in the two houses. The battery pack is behind it, but you can’t see it for the most part.

The kids absolutely love them too – they’re pretty magical:) Can’t wait to scatter the rest around here. If you want to order some of this cozy twinkly wintery goodness, here’s my affiliate link below:


2. Rearranging Furniture

Oh MAN. This is my favorite thing ever. I have been rearranging furniture ever since I could I walk, I think. My mom joked that every square inch of my bedroom walls had holes in it because I would change up everything every other day. It just gives a room an entirely new feel and is so fun. On New Year’s Day, we rearranged our family room (will show you soon, promise!), and it was JUST what I needed to pick me up and get my creative juices flowing. I hate taking down the tree, but this really took the sting out of it. My kids have inherited this gene and are constantly switching their rooms up too – you might’ve seen this pic on Facebook and Instagram this week:

My girl wanted a “couch bed” so we moved her bed against the wall and propped pillows up like a couch. She loves it, and I have to say, it’s not a bad idea;)

If you’re in a decorating funk, or any kind of funk, really, move some stuff around. You’ll be amazed how your spirits lift when you come into your “new” space. Works for me 100% of the time.


3. Bible Study Group

We started our bible study almost one year ago and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my life. We met today over coffee at my house, and every time they leave I feel like my spiritual cup has been filled and is running over. Just to have these women in my life has been one of my life’s greatest blessings, and to talk with them about our faith, and lift each other up…it’s really something special. One of my friends mentioned this book today for us to read and I’m buying it, and thought I’d share in case it’s something that you’d like to read too. (Affiliate link below) It’s called Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle.

“The million little pieces that make a life aren’t necessarily glamorous or far-reaching. But God uses some of the smallest, most ordinary acts of faithfulness—and sometimes they look a whole lot like packing lunch.” 

Amen to that.


I can’t wait to get started.

Here’s to finding that space in this crazy world where everything just makes sense. Where you feel balanced and loved and renewed.

What a gift.


Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends. XO



  1. Is it just my computer? I can’t see the link to the twinkle lights…

  2. Where did you get the little white houses? Are they still available now that Christmas season is over?

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