Favorite Things Friday! First Edition

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Woohoo, HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! We made it!

I had an idea this week. When I find something I love – whether it’s a book, a recipe, a paint color – I love to share it.  It’s probably why I love writing this blog so much – it’s my own little place to talk about things I hope will inspire you, help you, just make you happy. So what if I start a weekly post every Friday where I share a few of my favorite things? It’ll run the gamut from anything say, fashion related to home related to kitchen gadget related – whatever pops in my head that week that makes me happy. Sometimes I’ll link up an affiliate link when I can, sometimes (if I’m not associated with an affiliate), I’ll just link it up for your convenience.  Just know that no matter what, these are all things I love, regardless of whether I’m benefiting from you clicking that link or not! We’re old friends here – I hope you know I’d never share anything on this page that I didn’t believe in. 🙂

I just thought we could all use a little light reading these days, right? So this can be (hopefully) a nice little easy reading space for your Friday morning. This post is going live a little later today, but I’m hoping to have this go up first thing on Fridays from now on, so we can start our day together.

Go grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever your fancy) and let’s dive in!

1.  Of Mess and Moxie.

Oh you guys. Jen Hatmaker is everything. I just love her so so much and she never disappoints. She makes me laugh SO HARD, and cry (just as hard). I love reading these kinds of books just as much as I love a good suspense novel, and if you’re the same way, you can order this awesome read right here:


2. OXO Salad Spinner.

I just HAD to share this one!! We got ours when we lived in our apartment 15 years ago – and we have used it EVERY SINGLE DAY since then. Okay okay, minus when we’re on vacation if you want to get technical. 😉 But other than that, it is in use. I have no idea how we’d make it without this thing. Yes, that may sound a *tad* bit dramatic, but seriously. Crisp lettuce at all times. I chop up lettuce on a Sunday and I’ve got it for the rest of the week in the fridge. Makes it so simple to throw together a salad with dinner, or top a sandwich or fill a wrap. It’s THE BEST. And clearly, if it’s been in use for 15 years straight, it’s worth your money!


3. Black Accents.

Affiliate Link to Black Metal Chairs:


Ikea Hyllis shelves makeover

Target lamp

You might have noticed I’ve been digging touches of black in our home lately. And against white? Even better. The contrast, drama, and classic look just feels so right to me. And bonus points if its matte. <Insert all the heart eyes emojis>


4. Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus in Espresso.

If you think I’ve been using the salad spinner a while, let me tell you how long this eye pencil and I go back. I’ve been using this since HIGH SCHOOL. I’m almost 38. And I’m almost positive my 40 year old sister is still using this as well from her high school days.  We love love love this thing. It has never NOT been in my makeup bag, ever since the early 90s. I love the little cat eye look I can achieve easily, and I use it to color in my brows. It’s just a really good shade of brown. I’ve tried other brown pencils and haven’t found one I love this much – color and application-wise.


5. Chip Gaines. Yes, Joanna is my spirit animal and I am 110% OBSESSED with that incredible, amazing, inspiring woman, but Chip really got me recently. In my People magazine this week, I read an article where he was discussing their decision to end Fixer Upper. And he talked about change, and how we need to embrace it. That really spoke to me. We’re always evolving – and that’s a good thing. It got me thinking about all the exciting things that accompany change, and how much change I’ve seen in myself lately. There are things I’ve been thinking about – big life things – that if you’d have told me even a year or so ago I’d be thinking, I’d have said you were crazy. But it’s good. We are not trees. We don’t need to stay in one spot doing the same things our whole lives. We are meant to grow, and as seasons in our lives end, and new ones begin, we adapt. And what a beautiful thing that is. Leave it to those Gaineses. Always inspiring in every way. I’m so pumped to read Chip’s book soon – I pre-ordered my copy a while back, but if you didn’t, here’s a link to it!

Well, that about wraps up our first edition of Favorite Things Friday! That was fun! Have an awesome weekend, dear friends – and as always, thanks so much for stopping by ~XO, Liz



  1. Love it! I have the same salad spinner but had a question – after you wash and spin the lettuce do you just keep ALL of your salad in there for the week? I never thought of that until I just read your post…… I was looking for a new eyeliner so I’m going to try that one out – thanks! Of course I need to order Chips book so thanks for the reminder! Happy Weekend!

    • Hi Lynn! Yep – I chop my dirty lettuce, throw it in there to wash it, spin and drain it several times until it’s good and dry, and just pop the spinner in the fridge and grab my lettuce from it all week long! Love that thing!!

  2. Chris Boyle says:

    I love that eyeliner too!! I use it in the grey!!!❤️

  3. Mary Harris says:

    Love this! Jen Hatmaker is awesome! I could not put down her latest book. I was laughing and crying throughout the whole thing. Thanks so much for sharing!

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