Favorite Things Friday #43

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Happy Friday, friends! I’m back with a Favorite Things Friday today (obviously, lol) – right now the every other week thing is feeling more manageable, and I appreciate your sticking by me in this crazy season of life! Works out that next Friday I won’t have a FTF anyway because GUESS. WHAT. ???? I will be in Waco, Texas!!!!!! Holy cow am I excited! I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back – you can bet there will be a blog post! My husband surprised me for my birthday last year (it’s late October) with fake plane tickets to Waco for next year’s (this year now) Silobration! Silobration had already past by that time, so that’s why we waited until this year. I had mentioned that for my 40th birthday (which is 2019), I wanted to go and he decided why wait?! Let’s go for it now. We are SO excited not only for that, but just to get away will be so awesome. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary over the summer, and haven’t been on a plane sans kids since our honeymoon! Just to get on the plane together…THAT will be so exciting! 🙂

But anyway, I digress. Let’s talk Favorite Things! One of them is actually related to our upcoming Waco trip…

1. Overalls!

I went out for some early birthday shopping with my mom this week – I had wanted a few new things to take on our trip so she had the idea to treat me to a day of shopping:) How fun is that?! I found these at Marshalls – for only $19.99?!! I’ve only seen them for $50 and above, so I was pumped.  I got to thinking – between the jean skirts, Converse sneakers, flannel plaid shirts, and button front overalls that are in my closet, and all the 90s clothes out in the stores – I REALLY should’ve held onto my high school and college wardrobe! I’d be set!

I feel like a kid again in these guys. I have always loved overalls – I LIVED in them back in the day, so I am thrilled they’re making a comeback. And paired with those Target shoes from a past FTF – (click here to see), and a simple tee, they’ll be a perfect outfit to walk around Magnolia Market, maybe eating a cupcake from the bakery perhaps?!! OMG I CAN’T EVEN WAIT!

These are from Marshalls, so I can’t link up, but I found some similar ones – just click here:  (affiliate link) Denim Overalls


2. Ikea Plug-In Wall Lamps

I got a pair of these IKEA lamps for my daughter’s room years ago – they were so reasonable and give off the coziest glow by her bed at night. So easy to just reach over and pull down the string to turn them off, too. They were in a silver finish but I spray painted them coral to match her room:

Now, she and her younger sister have decided they want to share a room, so things are looking VERY different in there now. I found the sweetest set of antique twin headboard/footboards for their new room, and am going to hang one of each of these lamps by their bed. But because of how they are going to be mounted against the Sea Salt painted shiplap, and near the colorful dresser, I’ve decided to spray these cuties yet again. I’m giving them a gold finish. I can’t wait to show you this room once it’s done – still a lot to do, but it’s looking cute already!

I know IKEA isn’t always nearby (we have to drive a while to get to one around here!), but I found a link to a pair on Amazon for not much more than you’d buy them for in the store!

(affiliate link)


3. Thrifty Halloween Decor

My kids LOVE Halloween. I mean, I kinda think they get more excited about the Halloween decorations coming out than the Christmas ones! I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to Halloween decorating, but I know how much it means to them. So when I was at Walmart this week and saw these crazy cheap decor options that would take only minutes to put up but pack a fun punch, I threw them in the cart. I mean, this stuff was 98 cents, $2 – nothing over $3. And the looks on their face when they walked in and saw these bats on our kitchen wall – PRICELESS! I’m not kidding when I say I spent about five minutes. Totally worth it. If you go in Walmart and head to the Halloween section, there are all these bat/spider/owl/rats cutout black shapes for next to nothing – I taped them here, there, and everywhere – hang them from the chandelier with some ribbon, on mirrors, on my china cabinet – I love ’em! These ones on the kitchen wall are vinyl though, and stick right on, and can be peeled off and reusable!


I found this link of 66 (!!?!) bats on Overstock in case you REALLY wanna go all out! Click here: (affiliate link) Halloween Bats Wall Decor

Alrighty, those are the things I’m loving this week – hopefully I’ll get a post up before our trip next week, but if not, see you when I get back! Check my Instastories – I’m sure I’ll be posting away:)






  1. Anne Lepczyk says:

    So jealous about your trip! You will be in heaven, I’m sure! Eat a cupcake for me and tell Chip and Jo hi 😉

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