Favorite Things Friday #3

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Man this week FLEW! How is it Friday already?! Not that I’m complaining or anything, of course. 😉

Here are the things that float my boat this week…

1. Meal Planning.

I mean, I could not live without it. I wrote a post a looooong time ago about it – click here if you wanna check it out: (Meal Planning Tips). Seriously, it saves me every day, knowing I don’t have to think about what to make when 5pm rolls around. I have all the food I need in the house from my weekly grocery trip, and it is de-lightful. And knowing Thursdays are always Leftover Night and Fridays are always Pizza Night makes it even easier. Instead of scrambling for food in the fridge to make something, I can pour my glass of wine, turn on my music, look at the menu and just cook!

2. Gizmo Gadget.

I love love love this thing!! I felt the need to share the word because so many of my friends had never even heard of this before and IT. IS. AWESOME. My oldest started middle school this year, and is a lot more independent – she walks to and from school, walks to friends’ houses – and we wanted her to be able to reach us, but at the same time, didn’t want her to have a phone. Enter the Gizmo. It looks like a big watch and she can program 10 numbers in it and call/message any of those contacts. It also has a bunch of programmed texts she can choose from – like “I’m on my way” “Love you” “When can you pick me up?” And even has a GPS tracker so I can see where she is from my phone app. It’s the perfect thing for an older kid whose parents don’t want her to have a phone yet, but want to be in touch. We bought ours at our local Verizon store, and in addition to the cost of the gadget, you add it onto your plan and it’s like $5 a month or something – well worth it in my opinion.

3. Morning Devotionals.

Starting my day with a few minutes of prayer just sets me on the right track. I love so many, but the one I’m reading now is Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado. Coffee and Jesus. All I need to start my day;)

4. Pasta with Sausage, Sage, and Pumpkin.

This is just like Fall on a plate. I am making this on Sunday because the temps are FINALLY dropping and it’s feeling like Fall. As soon as the weather drops, I make this gem from Rachael Ray and the whole family goes NUTS. I’ve shared it on my Naptime Decorator FB page several times and you guys seem to agree: it is pure deliciousness. Here’s a link to the recipe: Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage. 

5. Hobby Lobby.

I could probably put this on my list EVERY WEEK FOR THE REST OF THIS BLOG’S LIFE and it wouldn’t be enough to show my love for this store! Goodness. I mean, if you haven’t gone and you live near one, GO. LIKE NOW. And I apologize in advance for the overflowing cart and empty wallet you will have upon leaving. Just know, I’ve been there, and I’m not judging. Nope. Not even a little.

Alrighty then, that about wraps it up! Go forth and rock this Friday, folks! Thanks for spending some time with me this morning! XO


  1. While I love all of your favorites the one that caught my eye is the Gizmo Gadget. Our daughter is 12 1/2 and also no phone (mean mama – ha ha!) so this might be our compromise! I like the idea that she can call/text but somewhat limited access. I had to laugh last night as we were asking here “who would you call if you really did have a phone”? Here response: “I don’t even want to talk to ANYBODY (tween!!) – I just want to text”! Sorry Lily – not mature enough for an iPhone! So, I’ll be checking out the Gizmo Gadget today! Thanks — btw, I was also at Hobby Lobby last night and ohhhhh, so many pretty Fall items calling my name!

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