Favorite Things Friday #20 (Sort of)

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a typical Favorite Things Friday – I was very bad at time management this week and the end of the week just went and crept right up on me without realizing! BUT, the good news is, I have been crazy busy all week long cranking out some projects and I should have the cloffice post up hopefully the beginning of next week!!! And I’ve got a crazy fun light fixture I hung over the nook for $10 that I’m so excited to show you too! Lots of goodies coming up!

To add onto the craziness, I’ve been getting things ready to have a house full of little girls here tonight to celebrate my middle’s 10th birthday???!!! I don’t even understand how she’s hitting double digits, but somehow it’s happening. We are going to be spending tonight eating pizza, making crafts, and piling up all kinds of yumminess with ice cream sundaes (my girl isn’t a fan of cake – clearly not my child). 😉

But I can tell you, as I sit here in my almost finished cloffice, that this little family room is my #1 Favorite Thing this week. Ok, I take that back, we’re going with my birthday girl as my #1, this room as my #2;)

With the new table and rug in the nook….

and the view from here, while I wrote this blog last night…

…this whole space is just making my heart happy.

Can’t wait to share the last piece of the puzzle!

And let’s just share this because I’m feeling extra sappy that my girl is growing up so fast!

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for just one day back in time…

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! XO



  1. Love love! Pray you are being encouraged in your healing from God!!! The cross not only canceled sin , we willing ask for forgiveness ! We also have all healing from the cross as well ! Just recieve by faith your healing the was paid for 2000 years ago through His death ! Amen
    Just need to know where you got that floor lamp and matching table lamp ?????

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