Stepping Outside My Box and Glammin’ It Up For My Sister: Her Bench Makeover

I was over my sister’s place a few months back, helping her with some decorating. She really wants to change things up and embrace a total 1940s glam look. Helping her has been a fun challenge, because we couldn’t be more different when it comes to our tastes in our home decor, so it’s like stepping outside of my box a little. Or in this case, I guess a lot.

We’re going to redo a lot of her furniture, but there was this one little bench that she wanted to toss. It was something she’d had forever, and just couldn’t see a purpose to it, or imagine it fitting her new style. I knew it would make an adorable entry bench for her condo, right by the door, with a tall glammy mirror behind it. I begged her to let me take it home and fix it up. She thought I was crazy, but finally gave up fighting me on it and let me leave with it;)

Here it is (er, was):


bench before

Not exactly screaming ’40s glam, huh?

I know what you’re thinking – you’re most likely on board with her at this point;) But just go with me…

I know she wants to do a lot of very light greys and whites, with lots of shiny mirrored surfaces…so I went into my stash of grey paint and mixed about 50% Light French Grey and 50% Grizzle Grey (both Sherwin Williams) and got the perfect shade. I threw in a little Plaster of Paris to make it nice and flat and go on like a dream…

bench before

As I was painting, I decided to pay a little attention to those details with some metallic silver craft paint I had on hand:

bench makeover

After it dried, I sprayed the whole thing with some clear protective spray paint to keep it looking great and prevent chipping, and here we are…


I have to say, as soon as the first stroke of the brush went on this little guy, I knew it would be perfect for her! I love the feminine lines, and the silver accents…

bench makeover


bench makeover

I sent her a pic immediately and she fell in love too, which makes me very happy:)

bench before

Furniture transformations like this one really are so satisfying. For a piece to be headed to the dumpster and then have a brand new life…it’s just the best. I had so much fun making over this little bench, and I hope it inspires you to think outside the box, too!



  1. It looks so much better! Great transformation – your sister is very lucky to have you!

  2. I love this!!

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