Monster Door 2017!

Don’t fear, you guys!

There’s still time for a super fast and cheap (and BIG impact!) Halloween door decoration…

Remember my Monster Door from a while back? (Four years ago actually – we still had the red door back then…)

Well, I decided to go for it again this year – and he/she/it makes me smile!

The only things you’ll need are:

  • 2 pieces of black posterboard (for the hair)
  • 2 large paper plates (I used lime green)
  • 2 small black paper plates
  • painter’s tape
  • 1 piece of white posterboard (teeth)
  • scissors

I have a steel door, so I also used sticky magnets for the backs of everything, but you can just use painter’s tape if you don’t have a magnetic door.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I cut a jagged hair line out of the black posterboard – you could trace with chalk or pencil first, if you like. One piece wasn’t long enough so I used some of a second piece. I used a combination of magnets and painter’s tape to secure it to the door.

Then, I taped the smaller black plates onto the larger lime green ones, and stuck magnets to the back. Done the eyes!

I taped some blue painter’s tape to make lips, and cut out a few squares for teeth.

Then my son suggested some stitches, which we used painter’s tape for. Thought that was such a great idea!

Now, my door gets BLASTED in the sun during the day, so not sure how long the magnets and tape will hold (though it held up very well last time!), but that’s what I love about this – we’re close to Halloween anyway, so why not, since it only takes a few minutes and a few bucks to make?!

And the kids just love it!


Happy Halloween (decorating!;)


  1. Stephanie says:

    It is ADORABLE.I am going to decorate my door. Thank you for the inspiration 😊

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