From Old Skirt to New Pillow Cover

I was clearing out my closet not too long ago (as I am constantly doing – two people sharing a small closet will make you a constant clothes purger).

Ever since I read that life changing tidying up book, the minute I find fault with an article of clothing, it goes in the donation pile. I had this maxi skirt that I always loved the print, the colors…but the fit was never right. It was a bit too big and too long. I forced it by hiking it up and tucking in a shirt every time I wore it, so it would stay up, but on this particular day I realized, why am I doing this? I never feel comfortable when I wear this skirt. No matter how cute it may be, if it’s uncomfortable, it’ll most likely stay tucked in the back of the closet, never to see the light of day.

Oh, but that cute blue and white striped print…


I’ve been wanting to pick up some more pillows for the family room with blue in them.

This cute-but-uncomfortable skirt could make a pillow!!

Oh yes, this could be very very cute.

So I got out the ol’ sewing machine, and got to work. I cut the fabric to size, did three sides of stitching inside out, flipped it around, tucked the pillow inside, and did the final fourth side of stitching.

Did a little Insta-story while I was at it…

And fortunately, it was not the latter;).

Ladies and gentleman, check out my cute *new* pillow for the family room!

While I had the sewing machine out, I finally made this pillow cover as well for the sofa – I’ve had this ticking striped fabric from Walmart for years waiting for a project.

I’ve been wanting to swap out the grey checked pillow covers for some more blue. The checked ones, while adorable, added too much checked-ness in here, next to the ottomans I recently made. You’ll see what I mean if you click on that post.

I am loving the color and life the blue brings…with the green plants around…just feels summery to me.

So there you have it. Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, if there’s something you love but maybe has a hole in it, or a stain somewhere, or just doesn’t fit well, maybe it’ll work just perfectly in your decor. They say we dress like we decorate, and by the amount of blue and white (and stripes!) in my closet, I’d say that might just be true.

Ha! 😉


  1. Anne Lepczyk says:

    “If it doesn’t bring you joy….”
    Those words have helped me purge a lot of stuff!!! Not just the physical stuff, either!
    Adorable pillow btw

  2. Suzanne Logan says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s wonderful and looks marvelous! 😃

  3. Oh my gosh – perfect timing as hubby is going on a biz trip and I’m committed to cleaning out our closet. I know I’ll have so much for the donation pile but maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to salvage something for a similar project…..! Thanks!

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