Easy No-Sew Curtain Upgrade

I just realized I never did tell you the details on our family room curtains!

This is such a fun discovery, I can’t wait to tell you about it.

When deciding on what to do for the curtains in here, I knew I wanted pretty basic, simple curtains. There are five windows in this room, so if I went with a busy print, I was afraid of a) it being too much, and b) getting tired of them quickly! And curtains for five windows wouldn’t be cheap if that were to happen.

In the end, I found a lovely neutral linen curtain from Hobby Lobby. They were nice and long (96 inches, I think), so they’d puddle nicely (which I wanted). Once I found them, I thought it’d be fun to just add a little, itty bitty touch to make them a smidgen more interesting.

So I grabbed some ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and a fabric glue stick. This is literally LIKE A GLUE STICK. You apply it on the back of the ribbon just like you would with your glue stick as a kid, and stick ‘er on the curtain. Leave them alone while the glue dries and BAM! You’re done.

curtain upgrade

You could do this the easy way, by adding the ribbon BEFORE you hang them all, or you could do it the unconventional way, like yours truly, and grab a zillion chip clips and clothespins and do it WHILE THEY’RE HANGING. Probably much better do it NOT like me…;) But I always go the crazy route, so this really shouldn’t surprise you. Why I felt like it’d be such a pain to take them down off the rods is beyond me. I think I had them just so and didn’t want to disturb them;)

257 259

I mean really. Who does this stuff?

Anyway, should you try it this way, let it dry for a bit, let the glue do its thang, then remove the clips.

And here we are!

curtain with ribbon

curtain with ribbon

I feel like it adds just the right amount of interest without being overwhelming. Perfect for what I was looking for.

curtain with ribbon

And in case you’re wondering what I did at the top and bottom, I just wrapped a few inches over the back, cut it, then glued it, like this:

curtains with ribbon

Here’s a shot of the full room (back when I posted the makeover in the Fall, hence the orange and leaf accents;):

curtains with ribbon

I’m a big fan of this fabric glue stick – can’t wait to use it again!


  1. I love the ribbon detail! I’ve been looking for curtains like this. Do you happen to know the name of the curtain panel? Thanks!

  2. Deena Cate says:

    Love them!

  3. I found your curtains at Hobby Lobby and they’re on sale for $15 per panel. I’ve been looking for just the right curtains for our living room (not too dark, not too light) and i think these will be great. I might even add a ribbon because yours looks so nice. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Andersen says:

    Where did you find your blinds at? Love them!

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