Driftwood DIY Wedding Sign

Recently I discovered this gem at Hobby Lobby:

HOME letters

They sell these awesome bundles of driftwood!

I know, right?!

They come in a couple sizes – that pic shows the long ones, which I used for the H in my “Home” letters:

plank wall

But they also sell smaller ones. I was so excited when I spotted them, that I picked up one of each, and ended up using one of the small pieces for the middle of the H.

So I had a handful left and knew they’d make a cute project someday.

I had an idea hit me out of the blue when trying to think of something for my brother and his wife. (Which, by the way, seems weird calling her my brother’s wife because she’s so much more than that. And calling her “in-law” doesn’t seem enough either. She’s a doll and I wish all of you with brothers out there be so lucky to welcome someone like her into your family!). Their birthdays are very close in November, so I picked them up individual gifts, but thought this driftwood could be used to make a nice combo present.  I call it a wedding sign in the title of this post, but it really doesn’t have to be, obviously. Just didn’t really know what else to call it;)

I gathered up my driftwood pieces and glued them together. (See my H post for the details on drying, etc).

driftwood sign

Then, I grabbed a piece of white chalk and drew a couple arrows, their initials, and their wedding year:

driftwood sign

I chose chalk so I could rub it off if I made mistakes (which I made a LOT of!). Using a ruler, or the side of a hard book (which I what I used because I can never find what I need when I need it;), helps with the arrows. Once I was happy with everything, I took a tiny brush and some white craft paint and went over the chalk:

driftwood sign

Once it was all dry, I hammered one of those teeth hangers on the back so they could easily hang it on a wall. (sorry, forgot a pic of that!)

I sanded it a little (which helps with getting rid of the excess chalk too!), so it looks a little beat up and old.

And that was IT!

driftwood sign

I think it turned out pretty cute!

driftwood sign

The possibilities are ENDLESS with these driftwood bundles. What an awesome new find! Happy birthday, P and A! Love you bunches:)


  1. I love this!! Such a good idea 🙂


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