A Quick DIY Hanging Lantern, and Some Fun Decor from an Unexpected Place!

Do you have a Five Below near you? We do, and it’s a great place when your kids have a birthday party to go to and you don’t know what to get. There’s ALWAYS something there! That’s usually the only time I go.

But I was very pleasantly surprised recently when I spotted some cute home decor items! Ummm, $5 macrame wall hanging? Yes please!

And see that little hanging light/lantern thingy? Let me tell you about that –

These are actually filled with twinkle lights (you know I love me some twinkle lights!) and battery operated. They are intended to sit on a table top if you see them in the store. Not anymore;) I immediately had an idea when I spotted these guys sitting on the shelf.

(I bought two, but after hanging both of them, decided one looked better).

So I just cut a piece of white yarn to the size I wanted, and tied a knot on one side, and another on the opposite side.

I trimmed the excess, then screwed one of these little guys into the ceiling:

No tools necessary – you just twist it in there. These lanterns are CRAZY light, so no worries about the weight or anything.

And there you have it! A fun twinkle light lantern:)

It has a sweet little glow at night – obviously it’s not going to give off a ton of light since it’s filled with twinkle lights and not a bulb, but it’s a fun little accent and for five bucks, why not?!

I also hung it pretty low so my 11 year old has no problem turning the switch on and off. It’s located on the top (which would be the bottom in its original state).

She absolutely LOVES this little corner in her room. Perfect spot to read, play with her dolls, lounge around. And for a total of $11 (macrame, lantern, and hook), this mom loves the price tag! More proof that you don’t have to spend a lot for cute decor – just keep your eyes peeled, it might find you in an unexpected place. 😉



  1. What a cute idea! These would be fun outside in the summer!
    How are you feeling? I keep you in my prayers. Hope you’re doing ok.

    • Thanks, Sally! I see you commented on my latest post, so you heard the good news:) You are so sweet to keep me in your prayers and ask how I’m doing! Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. This is such a cute idea Liz! I love your daughters room!…so cute!

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