A DIY Christmas Craft Paper Scroll-y Thing…Or Something…

Can you tell from the title of this post that I really have no idea what I just made?! lol!

Here, let me give you a photo so you have a visual before I begin…

Maybe you know what these are called? I’ve seen these brown craft paper scroll things all over blogland and I’ve always thought they were the cutest. And since I had a roll of this paper, and my Reindeer names chalkboard sign got destroyed in storage (boo!), I figured why not try to make one?! First, let’s rewind a sec and show those of you who don’t know what Reindeer sign thing I’m talking about:

That one there. It was ripped at some point over the past year in storage. I was bummed, because I loved that thing! But at least I still had the wood pieces and could make something else.

That’s when I had the idea to try something new…something with my brown craft paper!

O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song of all time. My mom and sister (the ones gifted with voices of angels) would sing this Christmas night while my grandmother played the piano. We all gathered around – song after song after song. Those Christmases growing up…goodness, they were magical. Now as an adult, whenever I hear this song…I weep like a baby. Not sad tears, just…it moves me so. Tears are rolling down my cheeks just typing this. The lyrics are so so beautiful: “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices” – isn’t that just the most amazing line?

So I knew I was going to incorporate those words here. I practiced freehanding on paper first…

And tried it on the paper…

Then I went over it with a Sharpie, making some lines thicker than others…

…then I hot glued the top piece on. (Same technique I used on my daughter’s posterboard sign – in case you want to see that again, click here).

I was about to glue the bottom on, and then it hit me that maybe I could make it look like a scroll. But the paper was too short.


I cut another chunk of paper from the big roll, and it naturally rolls up like paper on a roll always does. I just stapled it to the piece with the words!

No one’s the wiser! Now, the weight of the paper did a pretty good job of staying put, but just to keep it even more still, I stuck a piece of painter’s tape to the back so it doesn’t go anywhere.

I love it!

I did something a little different on the table this year too. More on that to come!

Feels good to get crafty again! Been way too long.

Stay tuned for more Christmas decor on the blog- hope to get more posts up soon to show you what’s going on around here this year!




  1. Oh my gosh – I love it!! I always get nervous trying to freehand – you’re so good! And the nice thing about this project is that if it gets “smooshed” over the years in packing you’ll know how to reproduce it! Great job!

  2. Where to you learn to do the beautiful calligraphy? Is there a tutorial somewhere out there? I am seeing this type of writing everywhere and would love to try it too.

    • I just self taught myself – but Jocie from the blog One Project Closer has an e-book on it and I’m sure it would help you!

  3. I’m challenged when hanging things. Hate to put too many nails in and commit to keeping things in one spot. Command hooks don’t work on our wall texture. Ideas?

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