A Basket Makeover

Yeah, weird title, right? Who makes over baskets? Well, I do, apparently. But you see, I have this china cabinet in the dining room. It always had a couple baskets on top of it that were perfect for storing table linens. I stole them when I gave my kitchen island that makeover – remember that?

kitchen island makeover

So the china cabinet has looked nekkid ever since. It’s kinda hard to find that size basket, believe it or not. Finally, I spotted some dark ones at Michaels – wasn’t sure about the dark finish, but the size was perfect and so was the price – 50% off from $25! Two baskets for $25? I’ll take it. I thought about maybe fixing them up…and I finally did last weekend.

Here’s what they looked like before:


Yeah, wasn’t vibing with me, either. Granted, this is a horrible phone pic, but you get the idea.

You can see them in the way back of this photo of my DIY paper leaf garland:

diy paper garland

If you saw them in person, you’d know what I mean when I say they stuck out like a sore thumb. They were just lacking something…

I had an idea.

What if I took out my craft paint in different tans and whites and creams and sorta lightly brushed some on there, to give them some dimension? Make them pop a little?

And what if I took these wooden tag thingys I got at Hobby Lobby forever ago and never used, and created some cute tags to spruce them up?

basket makeover


Here’s how it all went down…

basket makeover

As you can see, I used black paint for the tags – was going to do chalkboard paint, but I was out. I decided I’m never going to erase these so let’s just make it easy and fake it. Once the black paint dried, I stenciled (AGAIN, I used the Hobby Lobby Rustic Alphabet Letters that I use CONSTANTLY) in white paint, the numbers 1 and 2. No reason or significance, just thought it’d be cute. Then I painted the border with some blue sample paint I had laying around. This is Sherwin Williams Rain, with a bunch of white mixed in to lighten it up.

To attach them onto the basket, I strung a piece of jute through and knotted it on the back, like this:

basket makeover

Safety pinned it onto the liner and we’re done!

basket makeover

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the interest now. So much more personality than those plain dark, dreary baskets;)

basket makeover

Now I have one-of-a-kind baskets, for an awesome price, and I love ’em!

basket makeover

Let this be a lesson, friends. I know I sound like a broken record, but if you spot something that is a great deal, and could work with a little creativity, go for it. Especially in a case like this, where I was having a hard time finding something that perfect in size.

And another lesson: even baskets can get a makeover;)

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