Favorite Things Friday #32

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So sorry I didn’t get a Favorite Things Friday post out last week – the start of Summer vacation has been a little Crazytown and last week did me in. Ever have those weeks where EVERYthing breaks/goes wrong/falls apart?! It was one of those. Good times! And clearly I haven’t gotten accustomed to balancing the kiddos being home 24/7 and blogging. Hopefully I start improving…;)

Let’s talk about some fun stuff!

1. Home Depot Sunglasses

Yes, you read that correctly. A couple years ago I was at the Depot and saw these gold aviator sunglasses near the check out line:

I’m sorry, did that say $4.97?! Sign me up!! I’m never one to spend much on sunglasses because I don’t take very good care of them and usually lose them or scratch them all up. So a pair for less than 5 bucks that are CUTE is right up my ally. I’ve had these for a record length of time, and was just saying how they’re getting scratched up and I need some new ones. Well, lo and behold, I was there this week getting some grout (OMG WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT I’M WORKING ON!!! EEK!) and they are still there!! So I grabbed another pair. I wear them every single day. They are so lightweight and comfy and DID I MENTION FIVE DOLLARS?!

If you don’t live near a HD, I found a similar looking pair online for just two bucks more;)

Here’s the affiliate link:

And that photo above includes my SECOND favorite thing!

2. Old Navy It’s All Good Tee shirt

Holy moly I wear this tee shirt almost as much as the sunglasses;) It is SO soft and comfy and lays really well. I just thought it was so cute, loved the saying (“It’s all Good” – you can see it better in the link!), the color, the soft thin feel…and I got it on sale for like $10 or something. Win!

Click this (affiliate) link to snag one for yourself! –>  Old Navy Tee Shirt

3. Summer Nights

I mean, is there anything better? Summer is OFFICIALLY here, which means heaven on earth to this household. Far too many snowballs, no bedtimes, late nights outside playing in the court or catching lightning bugs, and hanging at the pool until the lights come on (oh man, did I love that as a kid!!). I love giving us all a break from schedules, routines, and the hectic life that comes with the school year, and just embracing the lazy days of Summer. We are in full Summer mode at this point – my house has been turned upside down and I’m trying to keep in mind that thing that keeps floating around Facebook where we only have 18 summers with these kiddos. And we’ve gone through over half. Man. Why does time gotta go so stinking fast?!

The house will be looking good again come September, and the dishwasher will no longer be full by 11am, and it’s sometimes hard to believe, but I know I’ll miss it.

So here’s to staying up way too late, having endless sleepovers, living in two outfits: pajamas and bathing suits, eating far too much ice cream, and bending the rules a bit.

I’m all in.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! XO


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