Linen Closet Makeover…for $2!

Ohhhh you guys.

You know how I love me a thrifty project, and this just makes my heart happy, every time I look at it.

You see, my linen closet has been my nemesis. I organize it, it stays that way for about a month  week, and it gets messy again. It’s a vicious cycle.

But this time, I think I may have beat the system once and for all!

Now, I’m about to get real with you. Like REAL real.  But we’re friends, and friends don’t judge, right??

Betcha didn’t know behind this little door in my upstairs hallway (you know, this one):



I needed to tackle this once and for all. I emptied IT ALL OUT. I’ve learned this really is the best method when purging and organizing. I learned that tip in that Marie Kondo book of tidying up. It really is helpful.

And my bedroom looked like this:

I decided it was time to go the label route. I’m a rule follower, so if I see a label, I will do as I’m told;) So next time I went to Michaels, I looked for something…I picked up some cute label stickers for less than $2 I think. I had some cute stamps at the house, and suddenly I had a vision. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I like to use cotton swabs to dab the ink on the stamps, so the ink only hits the letter, and not the rest.

These ended up being too big for the closet shelves, so I had to trim them a bit, but they still worked great.

Wanna see how it all turned out??

Now, you may be asking yourself where’d it all go? Here are some tips:

  1. I decided to give everyone their extra sheet sets to keep in their own closets. We all have a regular set, and a flannel. No need for all those extra sheets in here when they all have room in their closets, and this one is very tight. So we kept our king set in here and dispersed the rest.
  2. I had those baskets in other places in the house, where we could do without them. Always shop your home!! The bottom one holds our beach towels, and the other two house all our miscellaneous stuff, and medicines, etc. I thought they’d be prettier than the plastic see through drawers.
  3. I really got rid of anything we don’t need. There is SO MUCH to be said for living with what you really, truly need, and that’s what this closet represents. Nothing extra. You’d be amazed how many expired allergy pills or diaper cream you have…when you haven’t had a kid in diapers in about six years. Hypothetically speaking, of course…;)
  4. Buy white towels. Sometimes you can’t go out and buy an entire new set of towels. But you can buy a couple. If they’re white, it doesn’t matter if you do it in chunks. White towels are white towels. You can pick up a couple more later on, at any store, and they’ll match just fine. I have some from Target, some from Walmart, HomeGoods, etc. No one knows.

So for a couple bucks on labels, I now have a totally transformed, organized linen closet. I love organizing, because it’s something you can do that makes you feel so good, and doesn’t cost anything! And guess what? I did this back in August and it STILL looks like this today!!

Sometimes being a rule follower really does pay off. 😉


  1. I really like the labels & the baskets and I too am a big believer in shopping your own house first. And for the record , your “old closet” was nothing compared to mine right now! 😂. Every time I organize it only lasts for a couple of days. Maybe if I try labeling everything it will last longer! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Liz!
    I love your blog and easy ideas! Can you tell me the name of the paint color you used in your hallway?!? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘
    Thank you!
    P.S. Your Friday Favs posts are my favorites!

  3. Beautiful!! How many towel sets do you have per family member? Thanks

  4. I have linen closet envy right now! I made it my goal this summer to clean out our linen closet…..and it sits, waiting, judging.

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