Solving the Measuring Cups and Spoons Dilemma

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You know that clever way of organizing measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a cabinet door? I’ve seen it a million times, and always wanted to try it. Never thought I’d get organized enough to go for it, but fast forward some years and now we’ve taken down some cabinets and therefore every inch counts. If I could get those cups and spoons out of a drawer and have more room, then I’m gonna try it!

So I did…

I picked up some of these guys:

And couldn’t wait to get started! How wonderful this was going to be! To open my cabinet door, know EXACTLY where each cup and spoon was, and simply remove it from its hook! This was going to be life changing, you guys…

Except it wasn’t.

I got everything hung up, closed the cabinet door, and later on when I went to get a mug from the cabinet…


Scared me to death! Maybe I’d get used to it?

The kids came home from school and jumped when they opened it. Then my husband needed a glass of water the next morning – I was still upstairs in bed – and could hear the clanking when he opened it! This was soooo not working.

I searched online to see if anyone had this issue, and all I could find were posts and videos singing the praises of this organization tip?! How was no one addressing this clanking issue?! Was it just me?!

I went on Instastories and showed you guys my dilemma – oh the laughs we had that day! So many chimed in with helpful ideas. A lot of you said felt or some sort of padding, which I had already tried – that had solved the clanking from one direction, but not the side to side clanking, if that makes sense? Then two IG friends suggested maybe some sort of bungee cord would help? I was very intrigued by this idea, so I headed to Michael’s and found some elastic cord and picked up some little hook things to attach them to:

And gave it a shot!


I just held the string taught, and tied several knots around a hook mounted sideways. I did end up mounting a piece of cork board with double sided mounting tape. I had both laying around (you know, as one does when they’re a craft hoarder!) and it made the spoons even quieter. I think had I placed the string around the wider part like I did the cups, they would’ve been totally silent. But since I didn’t feel like removing the hooks, I decided to add the cork. Which also meant I could add a favorite recipe that we use every week for morning waffles, and I printed out a measuring equivalence chart that’s come in handy as well.

Not a single peep! In case you’re wondering, it’s very easy to remove the spoons and cups when I need them. The cord is stretchy (like bungee!), so it’s a piece of cake. It’s been so nice to get them out of the drawer, and up on here- available to grab whatever one I need without looking around.

So lesson here, folks, if you’ve always wanted to get your stuff organized this way, go for it – just have some elastic cord handy;) Thank you to my smarty pants IG followers for the awesome idea!!

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