The Perfect Christmas Kitchen Sign and a New Runner

My kitchen doesn’t get a ton of decorating this time of year. A couple mini trees, festive tea towels and our Christmas cards hanging (my FAVORITE decoration!!) are about the extent of it. I had been thinking how much I’d love the perfect Christmas sign to hang above my sink – I always have a metal Eat sign there, but thought it’d be fun to switch it up every December. I had planned on DIY-ing something, until I spotted THE perfect thing at Michaels…

And it was on sale for crazy cheap – I think I paid $12! I knew the size was PERFECT, and the black picks up the accents in my kitchen…it was meant to be.

And next to O Holy Night, that might be my favorite Christmas song which is also a bonus.

I love it so much.

As you can see, just a few red and green accents here and there make it feel Christmas-y…

That everyday little faux plant there is holiday ready with some berries stuck in it, and ribbon tied around it! I love turning things I have out year round into holiday decor!

Now, let’s talk about a new runner I got in here while we’re on the kitchen subject!

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, and honestly, our new pup was the reason I finally got it! He doesn’t come in the kitchen because he’s slips and slides on it a little. Not big on the floor. He’s so cute and quirky;) Seriously, we could be covering the floor in his favorite food and he wouldn’t walk in. He walks on it just long enough to get to the side door to go outside, and that’s it. I thought maybe getting a runner would help, and I’d been wanting one for a while now anyway. Found this awesome chunky jute on on Target’s website and it was a great price, thanks to all the sales this time of year!

It’s THE perfect size, and hides a good bit of that floor that you know I can’t wait to replace;) I think it warms up the room too. But Charlie still won’t come in the kitchen, haha! But I guess it’s a good thing – he’s never in my way when I’m cooking and opening the oven and dishwasher doors!

I’ve got one more room to show you – our Christmas bedroom! Hoping to have that post up tomorrow.

For now, I’m off to do some final errands and bake some more cookies…tis the season! Have a great day, friends. XO



  1. LOVE the runner! I have seriously been looking for something the exact size/color for my own kitchen. (My stove, sink and dishwasher are in the same configuration as yours.) Just curious, does it have a backing? Does it slide around or did you put something on the bottom? And how easy is it to keep clean with all the food prep? I sure want something to hide all the marks in our older vinyl.

    • Thanks so much, Anna! It does not have a backing – it does slightly move from time to time – nothing awful, but I do think I’ll be picking up some non-stick tape or pad for it in the near future. It is crazy easy with food prep – you don’t even see anything?! I vacuum from time to time, but it disguises it so well you can’t even tell when I do! 😉

  2. Traci Covington says:

    Where did you get the runner from? By the way love Charlie!!! He is so cute and super duper lucky your loving family chose him. ❤️

  3. Your Christmas kitchen looks so comfortable & cozy – love it!! The runner is great-need one like it for my laundry room – what style is it?

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