Favorite Things Friday #7

Hey Hey! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and fun…and yummy food of course;)  Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite days of the year. Such a beautiful thing to just pause and think about all the things we’re thankful for…no matter what, there’s always something. And then of course, I love how the day after kicks off the Christmas season! I haven’t gotten one single thing out yet, but today is the day and I can’t wait!

But first, let’s talk about a few of my favorite things this week

1. Pumpkin Bread Boxed Mix

Y’ALL. (I get southern when I’m excited. I don’t understand it either).

But this stuff goes just about as quick as anything I make, and it could not be easier or yummier. Seriously, I made it Tuesday night (you know, in honor of Fixer Upper’s return and DWTS Finale!;) and there was one piece left the next morning. Now, I’m a little weird about cooking/baking shortcuts – there are certain things I just cannot buy. My husband teases me all the time about my need for homemade whipped cream and frosting (this goes way back in my family, I get it honest;). But this boxed mix with a handful (or two…or three – not judging here!) of butterscotch morsels thrown in and Oh. My. Word. Forget about it. And it takes only a few minutes to make and pop in the oven. What could be better on a Fall night with a cup of milk or cocoa or decaf coffee? I would’ve taken a picture of the end product for you, but it was all gone too fast!

2. Shopping Your Home

So you’ve heard we got a dog. And with dogs come accessories, I’m learning. Leashes, harnesses (what?!), and for me, baby wipes. Yes, I’ve become that crazy lady who wipes her dogs feet when he comes inside. Apparently I’m quite the germaphobe and had no idea?! Anywho, I decided that even though we have the tiniest entry and no room for a little table, I was going to make a table work somehow in here, so I’d have a place for all the stuff. And JUST last weekend I picked up a table on the local yard sale Facebook page for $10 that was almost the size of another small table I have in the nook – remember this cute little white table?

Well, I had an idea.

That might just be small enough to fit in our entry. And then I could paint the $10 table I just bought that’s similar and stick it there. (The $10 table is slightly bigger, so won’t fit in the entry).

And you know what? I think I like it!

Gotta get a bigger basket-y type thing for underneath, and a better lamp (that was one on my husband’s dresser that we NEVER even turn on, so I shopped upstairs too;) and hide the cord situation but it’s gonna work for all of Charlie’s things. And I can put the mail on here as well – all kinds of uses. Better pics to come as I fix it up a bit. The glow at night is my favorite. Wanted to get a good shot of that for you, but we were out for Thanksgiving last night and I’m already behind on this post!

I just think it’s so much fun to swap out furniture and decor from time to time. You never know, you might have just the right thing right under your nose!


3. Family Chaos

Thanksgiving is always, always crazy at my parents’ house. But the wonderful kind of crazy. Tons of people in the kitchen, all working hard to get the food on the table, cousins we haven’t seen in ages, little ones running around under foot. We laugh at the insanity (especially last year, when my parents JUST bought a brand new fancy shmancy stove RIGHT before the big day and we were all baffled how to use it – now THAT was a funny year!). But really, isn’t that what life is all about? Family, togetherness, gathering around the table. And so much love. All in one house. Yes it’s chaotic, yes it’s loud, and yes, it’s most definitely crazy. But how blessed we are that it is all those things. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving, with too many blessings to count.

Enjoy your weekend! XO

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