Favorite Things Friday #37

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I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up this week, other than this Favorite Things Friday. I’m getting the August feels, with Summer breezing by and realizing there’s just a few short weeks left before the kiddos are back in school. I’ll have plenty of time for blogging then, but there’s only so many Summer days left with them, know what I mean? I know you do, you’re always so understanding when things get quiet over here, and support the fact that Mom always comes before Blogger. And that’s why my readers are the best and I love you:)

But it’s an overcast day today so I’m trying to squeeze in a quick post for ya while the kids are playing! My first Favorite Thing has changed our mornings this week significantly!


1. Presto Electric Griddle

It’s funny, my husband and I had one of these plug in griddles when we lived in our apartment when it was just the two of us and I think we must’ve purged it when we moved. Fast forward several years, we are now a party of five, and make a hot breakfast every morning, and somehow we’ve been doing so on an old – scratch that – REALLY OLD – small stovetop skilllet that was so worn out it was getting past the point of using it anymore. I searched Amazon and found this Presto Griddle – it was a very reasonable price, and had great reviews, and thanks to Prime, in just two days we were pancaking it up!

My middle is my real breakfast girl. She loves helping in the kitchen, especially when it comes to pancakes. Flipping is her favorite, so the fact that she can flip EIGHT at a time just sent her over the moon!

We’ve only had this a week and have used it almost every single morning, and we’ve also made grilled cheeses, quesadillas, eggs…totally worth every penny!

Another thing that sold me on this one was the removable handles. Remember how I said I’m now using the middle cabinet of the island for kitchen gadgets, like toaster, blender, etc? This one right here?

Well, without the handles, it fits in there perfectly! Very cool feature. When you’re short on storage like we are, this is awesome.

Here’s the affiliate link if you need one in your life too! 🙂


2. BruMate Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

How great are those products that keep our drinks cold (or hot) for ever and ever and ever?? Makes me wonder what we did without them. My sister-in-law got me an awesome set from BruMate for Christmas – it’s from their Uncork’d line – two glasses with lids, and a BOTTLE to pour your entire bottle of wine in! Keeps it cold for 24 hours…um can we say Happy Hour on the beach?! Yes please! Even came with a funnel so you can pour your glass bottle into this insulated bottle. It’s like they thought of everything! Leave it to this SIL of mine to find the perfect gift – that’s pretty much her thing;) Love ya, Kim!

These are SO great for the summer when that white wine just won’t stay cold during those hot cookouts, or like I said, on the beach, when you’ve got those toes in the sand and you’re soaking up the sunshine!

Found some glasses on Amazon here: (affiliate link)

Or you can go check out BruMate’s website for allll the fancy accessories:).


3. The Ages of 9, 10, and 11

Last Friday night we got hit with some thunderstorms. Our plans to go listen to a local outdoor concert were canceled, so we had a Family Movie Night and watched Field of Dreams. It’s one of my favorites and it was fun sharing it with the kids for the first time. The next day we spent swimming at our pool and decided to get crabs for dinner. It was the first time all three of our kids COULD PICK THEIR OWN crabs (you Maryland people know what a treat this is for a parent!) and they were sitting there…with us…sharing in the conversation, even singing along to OUR playlist. Their own mallets and everything, hammering away. My husband and I looked at each other, in shock that we were here. Our kids are watching OUR kind of movies, and we are sitting here, eating crabs together, the five of us. Like they’re little grown ups or something!? When did that happen?? I remember just a hot minute ago, when Family Movie Night only consisted of Disney movies. And eating crabs? Only when one of us would have a baby on our lap while the other picked crabmeat for the toddlers. Or we’d get them only after they were in bed. We were exhausted parents of three little ones – oh SO exhausted – thinking this kind of stuff was light years away. And now, they’re cracking their own crabs singing every word to Wagon Wheel and staying up well past us.

I know I say it every Summer, but this feels like the sweetest spot with them. They’re independent, but not. They need us, but not so much. Or maybe just as much, but in different ways. Things are shifting, and it’s sometimes hard to navigate this world of them having so much more freedom. But it’s really pretty great, too.

I look at the baby photos and old movies, and long for just one more day to kiss the back of those sweet baby necks, and see that look on their face when I’d walk in to get them from their crib after a long nap. Those rosy warm cheeks…I miss that. I miss it all. Sometimes so much it hurts.

But 9, 10, and 11…I’ve discovered comes with it’s whole kind of awesomeness too.

Sometimes it hits you out of the blue, on an ordinary Summer night, eating crabs.

Or when you open a book at the pool and just before you start to read, you wave and give them a thumbs up as they jump off the diving board.

Or when you’re off to bed, and peek in to see them giggling hysterically in one of their rooms among the forts and pillows – probably over some made up game that only makes sense to them.

And you think to yourself, that right here, right now, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Enjoy the weekend, friends – maybe flip some pancakes, drink some wine, and order some crabs! And invite me! 😉 XO



  1. Love your blog…..,,,,,I can see you love your family

  2. Anne Lepczyk says:

    So sweet! Made me cry thinking about those days! You are in the sweet spot 😉
    Have a great weekend !
    Saw Darius Rucker last night and he played Wagon Wheel. Love that song!

  3. One of the many things I love about your writing style is the way that it speaks to so many of us and I always walk away with a smile and feel happy. Thanks Liz!

  4. Tess gemmell says:

    I have something to add!! I found a new white white that is perfect for beach. At oakdale!! It’s a vhino verde called Casal Garcia. It’s cheap and so good! Try it!! They have it chilled in the fridge case!

  5. Chris Boyle says:


  6. At this season in life (empty nester), I love going down memory lane with you. While you’re living in the moment, I’m remembering those days. Thanks. Love what you do! Keep enjoying those kiddos.

  7. I teared up on this one. 😢. Happy Summer to you and your sweet ones! Enjoy these last few days before school starts. Love, love, love your blog! ❤️

  8. Enjoy every moment of the rest of your summer with your sweet kiddos!! One of the things I like best about your writing, is that you are a mom first.
    As I was reading this by the pool today, it made me remember when I was in the pool all day with my daughter & envious of the moms that could just sit by the pool & read. Now I look at the young moms with their little ones & I’d love to have her swim across the pool to me, beaming with pride, just one more time.
    A few weeks left-squeeze in every moment with them that you can. We’re doing the same!

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