Winter White Coffee Filter Wreath (Decked out for Valentine’s Day!)

Up until about 5 days ago, I still had our Christmas greens wreath up on the front door, sporting the word ‘merry’ across it. Bad little blogger, I know, but I just didn’t have anything to go up – I have a spring wreath, but too soon for that. And then it hit me! I had the perfect solution for an easy, cheap, and perfectly seasonal wreath for this time of year!

Remember my brown coffee filter wreath I made last Fall?


(Which apparently, I neglected to post about because I can’t seem to find one on it?!! How did THAT happen??)

Anywho…I thought, how about a white coffee filter wreath for winter?! YES!

So I picked up the only three things I’d need for this project: a straw wreath form (18 inch), pins, and coffee filters. I bought a pack of 100 filters and still had some left.

white coffee filter wreath

And I didn’t take any pics, (because I could have SWORN I did a post on the brown one in the Fall?!) but used the same method as I did before – fold in half, then half again, and stick ’em in the wreath with a pin! Then just fluff ’em out a bit. Couldn’t be easier.

My girls are at such great ages to help me with these projects now. It’s fun that they love to help…I’ll certainly take it!

winter wreath

I hung it up on the door and thought it needed just a little something. So since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I went into my box of decorations and pulled out a banner I made YEARS ago – probably my very first Valentine’s Day as a blogger – and thought that would do just the trick. And it was just right:)

Here it is!

winter Valentine's Day wreath

The banner is made up of just some burlap, felt, and white paint and stencils. Hot glued on a piece of jute and that’s it. To get it to stay put, I just used the leftover pins – like this:

winter coffee filter wreath

And then just hide it with the filters!

coffee filter wreath

Like I said earlier, I didn’t even use a pack of 100 filters, so this is such a thrifty wreath – the wreath forms were 50% off at Hobby Lobby when I picked it up, so it was $2.99, then the filters were $1.99, and the pins were about $3. Had the banner already, so I spent about $8 total! And I love the way this wreath could be used almost during the entire year – could even add some red, white, and blue and make it work in the summer! I think I’ll get my money’s worth;)

coffee filter wreath

Though for now, I think it couldn’t be more perfect for this snowy white, lovey time of year.

Coffee filters…who knew, right?!


  1. Super cute (and affordable which I always love!). Great job that your little helpers did1

  2. So cute! Curious about the brown filters, what did you use to make them brown?
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us!

  3. Sherri S. says:

    This is a great wreath, Liz! Perfect for winter! Glad you shared. Hope your feeling better 💓


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