When A Lamp is *ALMOST* Perfect: The 3 Minute Fix

This goes under the category my husband likes to call “Things Only Liz Would Do” –

Buying a Brand New Lamp With The Intention of Painting It Immediately. 😉

I do this stuff a lot. And my husband always laughs. “Who buys something just to go around and change it?”

Ummm hellloooo? Have we just met?!

I mean, when you find something that’s *almost* perfect, but just needs a little work, why not, right??

And when I spotted this lamp at Hobby Lobby, I knew the size was PERFECT for our dining room buffet table. I had in my mind a tall, narrow lamp. Which isn’t the easiest to find by the way – the shade couldn’t be big and obstructive. So tall, thin, and smallish shade. Everything I found was too formal for our room. But this beauty was PERFECT!

Well, almost.

The wood was a little too gold for the spot. It sits on a greyish wood tone table, and I knew they wouldn’t exactly look great together. And I could KICK myself – I forgot to take a good before picture! This is all I have – and it looks totally fine in this picture, but just trust me when I say there was just too much wood happening.

buffet table lamp

I knew just the look I imagined. I wanted a one-of-a-kind lamp. One that looked like I picked it up at some cool vintage store. So I grabbed my white craft paint and a fan brush…

lamp makeover

…and barely put any on the brush, and barely applied it to the lamp:

lamp makeover

And it took maybe three minutes, and now we have this!

lamp makeover

table lamp makeover

And now it’s just right.

lamp makeover

So the lesson here, folks: if you see something that’s almost perfect, think if there’s an easy way to make it just right – it may only take you a few minutes and then your search can be over:). AND your piece will be an original!

By the way, it’s going to be in the 60s this weekend here! Anyone else getting Spring Fever and ready to decorate?!!

Have a great weekend! XO


  1. Tiziana Revell says:

    I love it! I look forward to your posts. You are the only blogger I’ve ever subscribed to. I wish you could redo my whole house. 😀

  2. You are talented!! Love your makeovers.

    PS where did you get the vase? I’ve been looking for one similar

  3. Hi! Just discovered your site and am really enjoying your posts! What is the source on the console/buffet table? Thank you!

  4. Looks great!!

    Have a great week!

  5. Lynn Van Slyke says:

    I stumbled across your blog today and let’s just say I’ve been creeping for for about 3 hours now! I am enjoying your posts, you have given me so much inspiration to get back in the updating game =D Your master bedroom is beautiful and your hallway is the bomb. I love your kitchen and family room as well! Would you mind sharing, where did you get the mug rack in this post??

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