Sometimes You Need a Change…

Ever have something that once looked awesome, but over time, as things change (and you change!), you feel like it’s just not vibing anymore?

That’s what happened to me last week when I was looking in my family room. I had just bought a few new throw pillows for Summer (sharing soon!) and this end table by my couch all of a sudden just looked plain wrong.

Remember that green one?

It started out as a $30 yard sale find:

painted table

It actually looks 100% better in this pic that it did in real life. It was all kinds of scratched up and banged up…it needed some TLC.

So I painted it green…

painted table

And it looked great.

But fast forward a few years, and the other green accents (like the pillow in this pic) have all sort of drifted away somehow.

Now, the green table sticks out like a sore thumb and every time I walked in the room, I knew what had to happen. It was making me crazy. I kid you not, these things ACTUALLY do keep me up at night!



I grabbed my paintbrush, my white paint, and some plaster of paris to throw in there to make it go on beautifully, and an hour or so later…

painted end table

As you can see, I sanded it up to make it look all chippy and delightful.

NOW it works again.

painted end table

painted end table

Works SO much better in here now, especially with all my Summer decor out.

I didn’t even worry about waxing it, because frankly, I don’t mind one bit if more paint chips off! 😉 It’ll just keep adding character…

painted end table

Sometimes change is good.

Sometimes it’s great.

Sometimes, it’s the only way you’ll sleep at night;)


  1. I am completely in love with all things white when it comes to decorating. Love this! I also love that you didn’t wax it….I hate the waxing step, so this has got me thinking about just distressing my next furniture painting project.

  2. Where did you get your sofa?

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