Quick Christmas Countdown Fridge

This is going to be a quick post, because this was a super quick project! (That, and I have 987 things still left to do, and it’s 7pm – including decorating our tree tonight!) 😉

Remember on that Favorite Things Friday post, when I shared this super cute chalkboard art at Hobby Lobby?

I knew I wanted to do something similar on our chalkboard fridge. It’s where we always do some sort of countdown, so it just seemed perfect!

So I grabbed a piece of chalk and about five minutes later…ta da!

Three things –

  1. I snapped these pics a few days ago – yes, we have started crossing off our days! and
  2. would ya check out those fingerprints all over the fridge?! Ha! Somebody didn’t think to clean before getting the camera out – rookie mistake! Ah well, we’re all friends here, right? <face palm>
  3. That bell on the doorknob is hanging there for the pup – trying to train him! 😉

I still think this chalkboard fridge is one of my favorite things I’ve done, and it was one of my very first Naptime projects. I don’t care what anyone says about the trends, I still adore a good chalkboard!

You can see the original post right here:

*Chalkboard fridge

And the updated wood trimmed out version here:

*Updating the Chalkboard Fridge

Alright, lots more left to show you, but right now there’s a tree and family waiting for me! Time to get the hot cocoa and candy canes out — have a great night!



  1. Honestly: I was too busy looking at your cute chalkboard to notice the fingerprints!

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