DIY Boxwood Wreath Update: The Verdict Is In…

Super quick post for inquiring minds…

When I made my Freebie DIY Boxwoods last November, none of us knew how they’d pan out.

Would they even make it a couple weeks? Through Christmas?

I didn’t know, but I promised you I’d keep you in the loop.

It is now January 18th, and this photo was taken today. The verdict is in, and…

DIY boxwoods

…not too shabby, my friends!

The family room and kitchen ones still look great (and are still up – they can hang through January, right?!). The two mini ones in the dining room did start yellowing a tiny bit on some pieces, so they came down. But that room (particularly where they were hanging) gets a TON of sunlight, so I’m guessing that’s why those didn’t last as long.

So will I go through the trouble of making these again next Christmas? ABSOLUTELY! 🙂

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