Beadboard Wallpaper: Two And A Half Years Later…

We still have a few weeks left in our Summer here, which means my blog is experiencing its “Down Season.” Not many projects going on over here, with the kiddies home and our days spent at the pool. Fall will be here soon enough though, and it’s always bittersweet. I always crave Summer’s relaxing, easy going days after an insanely busy Spring, I do love getting back to a schedule after a few months hiatus. And I LOVE getting back to blogging!

So while the projects have slowed down, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to chat about some of my favorite updates around here, and how they’ve fared over time. I mean, I’m always curious when I read blogs and see something I want to do – I find myself wondering how it’s holding up!

First up today – let’s talk beadboard wallpaper!

I put this up in my powder room makeover back in February 2015. So it’s been up two and a half years. This is what it looked like back then:

beadboard wallpaper

You can click here to see all the details on that post!

I am happy to report…

beadboard wallpaper

beadboard wallpaper

…it’s holding up perfectly! (With the exception of some grubby fingerprints)

beadboard wallpaper

I took all these photos today, cross my heart:)

Can we all just talk about the fact that NOTHING EXCEPT THAT PLANT has changed in this room in two and a half years?!! That’s definitely a record for this crazy lady!;)

beadboard wallpaper

Would I do this again? Absolutely. If you want to hear some of my tips and recommendations while going through the process, check out that first post- I go into detail on allll that good stuff!

I wouldn’t do it in a bathroom with a shower because I’m guessing the steam wouldn’t be a great idea for wallpaper in general, but for a little powder room, it’s been A-OK.

Next up on the review panel:

banister makeover

My Gel Stained Banister! Stay tuned:)


  1. Marcia Lathroum says:

    Hi Liz,
    I tried to email you but you must have changed your email! I want to consult about a couple things.

  2. Brittany says:

    Hi! My I ask where you found that metal basket hanging on the wall above the toilet?? I have been searching for one!

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