Favorite Things Friday #10

Week Ten already?! Where’d those months even go??

Let’s talk about what’s been my saving grace this week, shall we?

1. Shortcut party recipes!

With all the entertaining going on this year, I love my go-tos: Three ingredient crockpot meatballs (frozen meatballs + grape jelly + chili sauce), and Two ingredient white chocolate peppermint bark. Which is just melting white chocolate morsels in the microwave, spreading onto wax paper, throwing on some crushed candy canes and popping in the fridge to harden. Then break it up into bark. Put it on a pretty plate and it makes a great hostess gift, too! Couldn’t be quicker or easier.

I’m all for more involved recipes when I have the time, but really, who does this time of year? We’re having a pot luck here this weekend and I plan on making both of these easy peasy recipes (if you can even call them that?!), some Holiday Sangria, and calling it a day. I’m very thankful for these shortcuts this week!

2. The Hallmark Channel

Alright, I might have a slight major obsession.  These Christmas movies just make you feel good. The world is a scary place and who doesn’t want to just escape to one of these sweet little towns full of twinkly white lights and Mom and Pop stores where everyone knows your name? They’re predictable and sometimes err on the side of cheesball, but goodness I love ’em all. Give me a feel good Christmas love story anytime. If you stop by my house in the month of December, I’d say there’s a 99% chance you’ll find a Hallmark Christmas movie playing in the family room;). I’ve even got my girls hooked. And as you can see in this pic, Charlie loves him some Hallmark too!

3. Hearth and Hand Balsam and Spice Candle

THIS. SMELLS. RIDICULOUS. In the best way possible. It’s like Christmas in a jar. I wanna go buy like ten, but for the moment have two. The glass lidded one and the galvanized metal one. So lovely. This would also make a great gift! I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas trees?!

Alrighty, kids are getting out early today for some expected snow, so I gotta run. Have an awesome weekend, friends! XO



  1. Just look at your pup carrying its toy. Love it!

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