From Old Skirt to New Pillow Cover

I was clearing out my closet not too long ago (as I am constantly doing – two people sharing a small closet will make you a constant clothes purger). Ever since I read that life changing tidying up book, the minute I find fault with an article of clothing, it goes in the donation pile. […]

DIY Doll Bunk Bed…Without Spending a Dime!

What do you get when you combine a lazy day of Summer vacation, a mom who’s on a purging rampage of ALL.THE.STUFF. we no longer need, and a seriously creative 10 year old girl who loves nothing more than her sweet dolls? A DIY Doll Bunk Bed, that’s what! Can I just tell you – […]

June 2017 Roundup!

Wow, feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a round-up post…not sure why?! When I realized it’s the last day of June today, I thought maybe I should bring the round-up posts back. I mean, we’re all busy people living our busy lives and I’m sure you don’t check this page every day…or every week…or […]

Repurposed Shelves in My Daughter’s Room…and Realizing I Need To Start Acting More Like My Mother.

Remember my little DIY Coffee Bar we made a couple years ago? (By the way, how was that TWO YEARS AGO??) I loved that thing. But as all things seem to do in this house, the dining room evolved and I rearranged and things changed…I bought a mug rack that I ADORE for that spot: […]

Red, White, and Blue Wreath…Using Trash?!

I’m pretty pumped about this one, folks. My husband was about to toss some old jeans last week. They were covered in holes…and not the cute kind that is popular now, you know, the ripped ones we PAY good money for (guilty – I am actually wearing a pair and have several more in my […]

A Cutting Board + Kitchen Stool = A Table?

You may think I’ve completely gone off my rocker with this one, folks. You see, we got a new bed last Fall. We went from queen to king, and when that happened, our large nightstands no longer fit. We basically have only one wall to place our bed, due to bathrooms and closets and all […]

Driftwood DIY Wedding Sign

Recently I discovered this gem at Hobby Lobby: They sell these awesome bundles of driftwood! I know, right?! They come in a couple sizes – that pic shows the long ones, which I used for the H in my “Home” letters: But they also sell smaller ones. I was so excited when I spotted them, […]

A Free Garland Idea…and DIY Free Swags

Who wants some free swag?! (see what I did there?) 😉 Now, I know Christmas is just a few days away now, but I am not your typical blogger and seem to do these projects in ‘real time’ – aka I’m decorating with the rest of you, not months early like I should if I […]

Joy! My First Christmas Craft of the Season

Yes, I did it. The Christmas crafts are officially upon us, and I tackled my first one over the weekend. It was funny – I had just walked in the house from a Friendsgiving feast with our best friends and I kid you not – the DIY Leaf Garland that has yet to fall ONCE […]

DIY Chalkboard and Banner

Ok, took a quick break from the basement posts, but we’re back at ’em today with our DIY Chalkboard and Banner! Before, this little wall next to the kid closet was just meh. And now… If you’ve been a follower for a while, you know how I feel about chalkboards. I love them. Always have, […]