If It Ain’t Broke…The Search for the Perfect Bedroom Color is Over. For Now.

Oh you guys.

I’ve been trying SO hard.

For what seems like forever, I’ve been on the hunt for THE perfect bedroom color. Lucky for me, I’ve got about a jillion and one paint samples in my laundry room, so it’s not hard to slap some shades on the wall.

I knew I wanted to be in the blue-blue/grey-blue/green families. And lucky for me, most of my samples are those colors. (You all probably know by now blue is my jam. Never met a blue I didn’t like).

When it comes to choosing paint, you can’t just buy a color you like from a tiny piece of paper. Or at least I can’t. You have GOT to live with it ON YOUR WALLS for days. And slap that puppy on different walls, too. One paint sample on the wall next to the window is going to look drastically different from it on the opposite wall that doesn’t get much light. Trust me. The perfect shade of blue during the day could very well look downright purple at night.

So I tested them out all over my room and having been living in Crazytown for a while. Seriously. You oughtta see this bedroom. Looks like I’m going for some sort of blue/green/grey camouflage disaster.

A couple weeks ago I was just talking to my sister about my bedroom and spoke these exact words: “I don’t know why I’m even going through all this work. I’m just going to choose Sea Salt in the end.” We laughed, but you know what they say about joking. Usually some truth in there!

I didn’t even open my can of Sea Salt because I really wanted to try something new. It’s probably my favorite color of all time, but hey, I’m sure there’s others I’d love for the bedroom, right?

So I tried….

…and I tried….

…and I tried some more…

and some were thisclose. Truly. But finally I decided to dig out my can of Sea Salt just for the heck of it and my gut SCREAMED “Yes!!!” Perfect example of the old saying, If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it, you know what I mean?

All that time, it was here all along.

What can I say? I’m a Sea Salt girl, through and through.

Bedroom Paint Color

I mean, look at those beautiful colors. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COLORS. But none gave me the feels that Sea Salt did.

For inquiring minds:

1. SW Tradewind

2. SW Rain

3. SW Sea Salt 75%. (It’s also the little bit you see by my ear).

4. SW Rainwashed 60%.

5. SW North Star

6. SW Jubilee 50%

7. Behr Watery

8. Behr Prelude


It just was right for so many reasons. I knew I loved it since it’s in my family room and kitchen. I have YET to get sick of it, which speaks volumes. Most of the rooms in our house have been painted multiple times, but Sea Salt is just one of those that never gets old to me. (I should note: I always lighten it to 75% because, well, I just love it lightened a bit.) It works well day and night, and even partners with the Rainwashed in my attached bathroom. It’s neutral enough that I don’t get sick of it and works with every color combo. It works well with the nightstand colors (you’ve seen my husband’s, mine is coming soon), and the light color will look great against my husband’s dark dresser (again, posting soon!). And the headboard wall is going to be a plank wall, and I think the light Sea Salt will compliment the white planks beautifully. Our bedroom gets a good bit of natural light, and I just think this would be a lovely, calming color to wake up to. It just seemed like the way to go, no matter how hard I resisted.

The only other contender that I keep going back to imagining is Prelude. It’s in our powder room and it’s so so pretty. But it’s on the darker side, and I’m not really a dark paint person, unless there’s something like beadboard breaking it up, like in the powder room. Wish I could be, since I love the way dark colors look.  Going with Prelude would also mean painting over the nightstands, since they’re both pretty much that color, which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s just that Sea Salt works with every factor. It’s like it was meant to be all along.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized: IT’S A CAN OF PAINT. This isn’t like painting the exterior of my house, or a hallway so high I have to hire a professional. This is THREE LITTLE WALLS we’re talking about. (Fourth is the plank). So in a year, heck, even in six months, if I decide I’m ready to go bolder, all the other work would be done in the bedroom makeover, it would just be a matter of slapping some paint on there if the mood strikes, you know? Which, we all know by now, could very well happen;)

So now that I’ve come to THAT decision…I gotta go paint!


  1. I love blues and greens, too, and tend to repeat the same ones throughout my house 🙂 I do like your Sea Salt!

  2. Hi Liz I was wondering what’s does it mean exactly to lighten a color by 75%? I’ve never heard that before.

    • It lightens it up a bit. So say you love a color, but wish it were just a little lighter – you ask for 75% (or 50 or whatever you want) of that formula. They just mix it at that strength, so it’s not the full-on 100% of the color. Most people will know what you mean, but I’ve had to explain it to a couple newbies before;) They usually get their manager and they know exactly what to do!

  3. Can’t wait to see how it looks all done!

  4. Working at a paint store going +\- 25% will put you into the next shade down or up on the paint chip. In this case 25% lighter would be one shade lighter but sea salt is the shade lightest for that color chip.

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