A New Look in the Nook!

So things are a-changin’ over here in the family room and can I just tell you how much fun it’s been?! We are rockin’ and rollin’ and EVEN STARTED THE CLOSET-TO-OFFICE MAKEOVER!!?? I know, it’s only been a year and some change, what’s the rush, right!? 😉 I think this rearranging furniture thing has got us motivated. If you haven’t seen the last few posts, we switched the sofa and tv. Sounds simple enough, right? NOPE. It has turned into a whoooooole thing, as it always does. Moving tables, and lamps, creating new art for the walls...it’s always like that book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, right? But so much fun, I’m not complaining!

So when we moved the sofa and noticed now the sofa and loveseat would be perpendicular to each other, we had to fill that big ol’ spot where they butt up to one another. None of the side tables we currently had were big enough, but….the nook table was PERFECT…only it’s taller than both the couch and loveseat. I started moving it and the whole time thinking, this could be awful or awesome, and even though the height is tall, I decided I LOVED it there. And there’s enough space surrounding it that it almost seems normal – like it’s more of an accent table in the corner, than a side table for the couch – does that make sense?!

So here it was in the nook, to refresh your memory:

I’ll take more pics later for another post, but you can see it just a little in the corner of these shots:

So of course that leaves us with the conundrum that the nook is now table-less.

And naturally, my mind went to wanting to do something a bit different, now that we have to replace it anyway. My mom has a round coffee table in their basement that I could just picture in the nook perfectly. So one day last week I borrowed it just so I could see how it looked. Was it the right height, diameter…would I even like a coffee table in that spot as opposed to the tall table? Only way to know was to test it out…

And the answer is YES.



Funny how one little table has given a new vibe in this little nook of our family room. It’s more like a hangout space now, which I really love. The kids sit on the poufs and use the table to draw, build legos, play board games. They lounge around in there, whereas before it was more like a work space. (And for those wondering, the table was a Homegoods find. Darn the luck, I can’t go buy it!!)

You might notice I removed the DIY bench cushions. I decided the color wasn’t doing anything for this space, and they were starting to show their age. We reeeeally want to get some comfy custom ones made but holy cow does that cost a pretty penny, according to the research I’ve done so far…keep you posted on that! (And if anyone knows a great place to get some, I’m all ears!)

I also moved the black floor lamp (Target) there. Since we moved the table that was there, we needed some light and I am loving it here. I swear, I think that lamp has been in every possible spot in this room over the past couple years;).

I’ll be sure to show you the new table when I find it – been on the hunt diligently since I returned my mom’s table to her! At least now I know what to look for, what size, etc. Might even go a little bigger than hers…I think I’ll know it when I see it.

Lots of little lessons here, friends.

1) Shop your home (or your parents’!). Even if you can’t keep something in that spot, you can at least know how it looks, size-wise/finish-wise/etc, and it’ll give you a great idea what to look for, or sometimes what NOT to look for!

2) Switch some stuff around to breathe new life into a room. Doesn’t have to be big furniture – I know sometimes that’s not doable. But little end tables, lamps, pillows – that kinda stuff can really give it a new feel and you don’t have to spend a dime. Who knows, you might even like it more than before!

3) It’s ok for rooms to get a new look and/or purpose, even if you liked the way it was just fine. We were perfectly happy with the old nook, and really loved it. But this is a fun change and we’re enjoying it so much. And you can always switch it back anytime you want!

Hope this inspires you to try something new – and hope it gives you a happy feeling every time you walk in and see the changes you made!


  1. Love it! looks like it was meant to be that way!

    I’ve seen the same coffee table on Wayfair. We ended up purchasing a similar one here:

    great price! and we actually love it – we’ve had it for months and its held up great with 3 kids.

  2. I love the look of the more industrial table there. It seems though that the table maybe a little bit too short? It seems like your daughter has to lean over quite a bit to color but it could be the angle of the picture. Just a thought 😊

  3. Melissa Michalski says:

    I love love love your home! I was wondering where you got your slip cover couch and love seat? Looking now for our home?! Thank you!

  4. Hi Liz! I just found your blog, and I am loving your style, projects and house! My style is so very similar to yours, and I’m super inspired to try some of your projects in our home! A few questions for you – I’m planning a nook and wondering where you purchased your nook benches – or were they made? Also, I love the “this is our” “happy place” artwork, where did you find those? Thanks so much!!

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