My New Musical Lamp

I was at Target today. You know, we needed some toilet paper, sandwich bags, shampoo.

So naturally, I walked out with all that…and a new floor lamp…(and *maybe* a few other things…) Isn’t that what EVERYONE does when they go to Target!?

I’ve had a floor lamp in mind for the family room and always thought those cute task floor lamps would be perfect. So when I saw it was on sale today (AND extra on sale with the Cartwheel app!!), I put that puppy in my cart and couldn’t wait to get it home.

I figured by the bench would be a great spot.

Except it wasn’t.

This lamp is kinda low and wide with the arm that comes out – a little awkward for my bench space, unless the person sitting in the bench wanted to hit their head when they sat down and got up.

So I moved it around the room. And around some more. And some more. And the two best spots were by the couch:

target lamp

Please excuse the phone pics – kids are gonna be home soon and I wanted to get a blog up asap!

And as much as I like the way that looks, I think the more practical spot is in our reading chair:


I mean, hard to say since so much of the room is unfinished, but I’ve always wanted a floor lamp next to this chair because it’s the one chair that isn’t the best for TV viewing, and therefore I have named it The Reading Chair. (Did I mention it reclines?!). I can picture curling up, reclining, with a cozy blanket and good book with that lamp on. Plus, it’s less in the way in this spot. I feel like if we were to put it by the couch, people would knock their heads on it. That’s a spot where people sit ALL the time. This chair gets the least amount of sittage of any seat in the room. Yep, just made that up. I think I like it. Sittage. Feel free to use. 😉

Going to see how it looks at night, when I can see the light it gives off, but I feel like it might end up here.

Do you ever end up buying something with a certain place in mind, and then find yourself going an entirely different direction?! Tell me I’m not alone:)

Ok, just in time for the kiddos to get off the bus! Talk soon – I’ll keep you posted! XO


  1. I do this all the time! Can you tell me how your recliners are holding up? I saw them on the original post when you first got them and fell in love!

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