Favorite Things Friday #45

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Happy Friday!

As always, I appreciate you stopping by to see the goodies I’m loving this week. If you’re new here, yes, this is primarily a decorating blog, but I do love talking some lifestyle stuff from time to time, and things that are bringing me joy – in hopes that they’ll do the same for you. Today is an assortment of clothing, music, and baking, so let’s dive in!

1. Jogging Pants

Ok, I’m not sure WHY these are called jogging pants really, because they don’t look that much like jogging pants to me – in fact, I could’ve sworn when I found them at Kohl’s they were titled “Travelers Pants” but when I searched online, they came up as joggers. Hmmm. Weird. Anywho, maybe it’s because they are so darn comfortable that you COULD jog in them if you so desire?! I actually got these for my Waco trip – because I basically own two kinds of pants: leggings and jeans. That’s IT. So when I spotted these, I thought they would be fun to add to my closet – they were cute, comfy, and on sale, so I threw ’em in the cart! I wear them TO. DEATH. Like if you saw me in the past couple weeks, there’s a mighty good chance I had them on. It’s getting a bit ridiculous how often I’m wearing these guys! I can throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers, or a nicer top and some slides – they can work either way. The olive green color is one of my favorites, too. No brainer. (And for the record – I DID travel in them – both ways to and from Waco;) Perfect airport pants!)

Click here if you wanna check them out!


2. Lauren Daigle

So my Christian Mom’s group introduced me to Lauren Daigle a year or so ago. Her words, her voice – it’s all so beautiful and inspiring. My first favorite song of hers was I Trust In You – (I still cry every time I hear it. It’s powerful stuff). Then…a couple weeks ago I saw her on some nightly entertainment show…then on Ellen! And THEN, Joanna Gaines posted a picture on her Instagram recently with her at her concert, saying she was changing the world. I hope she is. Because I think the world could use more of her in it. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had her on this week too. I mean, you don’t see a Christian singer do these big-time shows much, so maybe Joanna is onto something…look her up if you haven’t already – she’s really, really amazing.


3. Pioneer Woman Spreads

We make this little dessert often around here because a) they’re delicious, b) they’re quick and c) we always have the ingredients on hand – and I bet you do, too! My daughter requested them the other night, and she’d had kind of a rough day so I couldn’t refuse;)

Anytime I can get in the kitchen with my kids, I’ll take it. My middle is really the one who loves it. The other two are into it at first, then are off playing in minutes – but my middle can pretty much run the show from start to finish when it comes to cooking and baking. If you haven’t tried this recipe, it’s basically one big cookie spread out in a pan with chocolate on top – and you can then top it with anything you want. We grabbed a few mini m&m bags from the Halloween stash and threw them on there. So yummy, and there were smiles all around within 20 minutes! One thing I do love about the time change is how the evenings feel so much longer – more time for middle of the week baking than in the summertime for sure. (Though mayyyybe not so good for the waistline;)

HA! Same pants – see, told you I wear them to death!

You can look up the recipe online, or find it in this cookbook: (affiliate link)

Hope you all have a great weekend – and if you make the spreads, let me know whatcha think! 🙂



  1. allenmarilza says:

    I just love your blog. I cane across your blog maybe 3 years ago when I was looking for ideas on chalk paint. I followed you since😍.
    Now I have been reading your favorite thing from day one.
    I get excited when your favorite thing happen to be one of mine too, like Lauren Daigle😍.
    I just one to introduce you to my favorite ever site. Revive our Hearts. I can’t get over Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

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