Favorite Things Friday #31

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We are just a few short hours from starting summer vacation over here and I can’t wait!!! I’m ready for time to slow down a bit, put the lunchbags and backpacks away, and enjoy the lack of a schedule for a short while. We are pool rats in the summertime, so this first favorite thing is perfect if you’re one, too!

1. Black and White Gingham One Piece Swimsuit

I was at Target the other day (SHOCKER), and wasn’t even looking for this (ANOTHER SHOCKER). But when I walked by the swimsuits, this just about screamed my name. First, that black and white gingham…I mean, remember my napkins from this post last Fall?!

AND this candle (affiliate link: Sea Salt Candle) I posted about in this Favorite Things?!

I have a thing for black and white checks apparently.

ANYwho…so not only was it a cute print, BUT. It checked all the boxes: It went high up the back which is kinda hard to find. I have a very mole-y and freckle-y back, so I like to cover it up as much as I can…which ain’t easy in the summertime. But this one had a good bit of coverage. It also ties on the shoulder, so you can adjust the straps. Pretty cool (and cute!). It also has a little rouching (is that what it’s called? That gathering of extra material?) on the tummy, because, well, #threekids.  It also has the slightest bit of support and cuppage, because again, #threekids. LOL! TMI? 😉

Here’s an affiliate link if you want to check it out for yourself! Just click here: Target Swimsuit. FYI, I have a medium, which is typically the size I wear in all one pieces.

2. Refresh Rose and Grapefruit Candle

You know how I feel about a neutral looking candle (if not, see this post. I have a thing. It’s weird.). This candle is neutral AND smells heavenly. Rose and grapefruit sounded a little iffy to me at first – I’m not typically a floral smelling candle girl too often, but this is just YUM. Makes your house smell so good! You can find it at Hobby Lobby (click here for a link). I go through them like crazy! They have larger ones, but they’re pink. Again: I’m weird.

3. Real Food Prep

I started thinking – I have a LOT to say on this, so might have to devote an entire post on it soon, but here’s the summarized version. We’ve been trying to incorporate as much real food as we can in this house over the past few months. How often do you get hungry, and go to the pantry because those less healthy things are just ready to pop in your mouth? If you’re like me, that is pretty much always. BUT, I’ve learned that if the food in the fridge (like fruit and veggies) is ready to eat – washed, cut up – we tend to choose them. On Sundays, I do a week’s worth of prepping. I hard boil a bunch of eggs, I make a batch of nut-free/no-bake energy bites, and cut up carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery, pineapple, cantelope, watermelon – whatever! And now, thanks to a tip I saw this week on Nesting With Grace’s Instagram, I’m doing my berries and grapes too! She taught me that putting the fruit in a bowl, covering with water, and adding a cup of vinegar and soaking for 10 minutes cleans it and keeps it fresh longer! I rinse them off when done soaking and we are set for the week. Brilliant! You should follow her if you don’t already. SO inspiring.

I also started making coffee creamer a while back after a friend of mine told me how easy it is! A can of sweetened condensed milk and about 1.5/2 cups of milk (or half and half or whatever you use). THAT IS IT. You can add some vanilla extract if you want, or whatever you wish! Salad dressing’s another thing. Easy to make, and holy cow, fresh tastes so much better! I’ve been making Joanna Gaines’ recipe for buttermilk ranch (my son says it “tastes like heaven” – haha!) and her red wine vinaigrette is always on hand too. I’m obsessed with that one.

There’s just something about knowing what we’re putting in our bodies that makes you feel good. And as the one who feeds everyone in the house, it makes me feel good that I am doing my best for them. It takes a bit of time, but we’ve really gotten into a groove with it since the beginning of the year (we are nowhere near 100% real food, but every little bit is a step in the right direction), and I love that healthy snacks are at the ready.

I could talk about this stuff for days, so stay tuned for a post with more (hopefully) helpful tips if you’re interested in this kinda thing too!

Also these Snapware glass containers (the ones with the energy bites in the front of the pic and the three stacked in the back) are amazing. You can even use dry erase markers on the lids. They keep things so fresh! Here’s an affiliate link if you’re interested: Snapware Containers

Alrighty, kids will be getting home from their last day of school in just a few short hours, so I better run! Have a wonderful Friday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Stacy Thornton says:

    Trying to eat fresher and cleaner is a goal of mine as well. How long does the food like the cucumbers, watermelon etc. That you cut up last in the fridge? I guess I need to get a good set of those containers to have them last best. Thank you for the post, I love that bathing suit!

    • Thanks, Stacy! They keep about a week, give or take a day or so – some things, like carrots, stay even longer:)

  2. Can you share the recipe for the energy bites? Thanks!

  3. We have done the foodie thing in the fridge for years! One thing I would suggest—I put carrots and celery in water in old peanut butter jars to help them not dry out (I don’t like the white coloring that carrots take on after being left out—just me!) Just change the water every 2-3 days. And I also remove all the seeds from the watermelons when cutting up for the fridge. Thanks for all of your posts, I love Fav Friday!

  4. Jamie Reese says:

    Can you post the recipe for the buttermilk ranch dressing? Can’t find it online. Thanks!!

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