Favorite Things Friday #26

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Hey hey it’s Friday! Let’s get down to business and dive into my Favorite Things from the week…

1. Threshold Gauze Blanket from Target

GAH! This blanket!! I am obsessed. Now that Spring has sprung, and we’re even experiencing summertime temps around here, it’s time to ditch the flannel sheets and heavy duty down comforter on our bed. I was at Target recently and spotted this guy on an end cap and said to my mom, “THIS! This is EXACTLY what we need for our bed!” I’d been wanting to pick up a very lightweight blanket for the warm months, and this is absolute perfection. I can’t sleep without a blanket on me – I’m weird like that – and it could be 80 degrees in our bedroom and this doesn’t make me hot, and yet somehow, if it’s a slightly cooler night with the windows open, it keeps me perfectly warm. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it does both just right. And it’s like that baby blanket material – that thin gauzey stuff that’s so comfy. I grabbed the Snowflake color and it’s a lovely pale blue. I fold the down comforter on the bottom of the bed, but pretty much for show, as this is all we need, paired with our white sheets.


Oh Charlie. He’s never very far. 😉

Trust me on this, friends. If you need a summerweight blanket, look no further.

Here’s an affiliate link if you wanna treat yourself to one: Threshold Gauze Blanket


2. Hobby Lobby Wreath

If you saw my last post, this probably doesn’t surprise you. I am telling you, this wreath SPOKE TO ME. Ok, maybe not necessarily out loud, but the second I saw it, I knew it was going home with me. It is absolutely positively whimsically lovely.

You can’t even believe how real this guy looks. I tried to find the link online, but didn’t have any luck, but it was $49.99 originally, but I got lucky and was there when it was 50% off that week. I might need to grab another for the front door, because it is that dreamy. Man, I can get in some trouble at that store!! Always something perfect that you didn’t even know was missing from your life, ha!


3. Playing Hooky

Let me make this one clear before everyone thinks I condone skipping school;). I was a teacher in my former life, so that’s not what I’m saying here…BUT…if you find yourself in the situation of picking up your child from school for a doctor’s appointment, and he/she has to get a minor procedure done that isn’t exactly a fun time, and he/she asks you if you two can spend the afternoon together, maybe get an ice cream, I’m saying it ain’t a bad idea. Especially if said kid is a middle schooler. Those three years are a little rough. They’re wanting to grow up fast yet stay little a bit longer. The drama kicks up a notch. Some have boyfriends, while some want to play with dolls. They’re just trying to figure it all out and it can be hard. Not to mention the hormones. So if the opportunity arises to spend time with your child and listen to what’s going on in their life, DO IT. Like, really listen. Keep that communication open, now more than ever. Let them know they matter. Their thoughts, their troubles, their joys – take it all in. Offer advice when you think they need it, and let them know you’re there no matter what. Because holy moly we are already about one third the way there in this brief, but crazy time. And then high school. To which I reply: WHAT? HOW? NOPE.

So a few days ago, when my daughter asked if we could spend the rest of the day together instead of returning her to school after her appointment, I did something I never really do in this situation, and said yes. We went to our favorite salad place for lunch, hit up Target for a lil’ shopping – where I blew her mind when I said yes to picking out a couple new shirts – and then grabbed milkshakes on the way home. Did she miss a couple hours of school? Yes. But chances are, she’ll remember this day a lot more than whatever lesson she missed. With three kids and our busy life, it’s hard to squeeze one-on-one time with each one, so if given the opportunity, we need to grab it – whether it’s a walk in the evening to hear about their day, a few minutes snuggling at bedtime, or playing a little hooky now and then. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. Karen Graham says:

    Love, love and more love. Time goes so fast!!! Good on to an hour or two when you can!

  2. kathi perry says:

    I always let my kids play hooky once and while. It’s good for them. We always had a good time. They even need mental days to relax and have a little fun one on one.

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