Found a New Favorite Paint Color, and The Kitchen Wall Decision!

I am *maybe* the pickiest person in the universe when it comes to paint. I will spend a small fortune on paint samples and place them in every area of the room on the walls and stare at them when the sun comes up, when it goes down, on rainy days, and everything in between. I hate – HATE – regretting a paint color and therefore the process of finding just the right color is both fun and torturous for me. The satisfaction when you’ve finally found THE ONE is a great feeling, but the disappointment when you bring home a handful of samples from the store that you swear will be perfect and are just all wrong…THAT can make me a little bonkers. I always have a specific color in my mind, and that’s the problem. Finding one that matches the one in my head is not as easy task. Paint looks different in people’s houses too, so just because you love one online, or in a friend’s house, doesn’t mean it’s gonna fly in yours.

So with all that being said, I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE COLOR!

This was one of the very last pieces to the kitchen puzzle, and it has been solved! See, the kitchen goes into the dining room, so whatever color I picked had to work in there as well. But that’s not all…the main hallway is right there as well, and you can also see the family room from this part of the house. Yes, that means whatever color I went with had to mesh with all the other areas. I wanted blue, because the hallway and family room are Revere Pewter. And I found so many nice green-blues, but wanted a grey blue, because the hallway runner and many parts of the family room include grey as well. But not TOO grey because Revere Pewter is a warm greige and didn’t want to mix a cool color with a warm one. And let me tell you friends. BLUE IS HARD. So many have purple undertones, or green, or look like a baby boy’s nursery. SO. HARD. Oh my goodness, I sound totally insane, don’t I? Anyone else crazytown when it comes to colors like this? Please say yes!

ANYwho, after searching and searching and searching, Behr came through for me. Zero Gravity is perfection!

I looooove it! It’s JUST what I was looking for.

Also – to alllll of you wonderful friends who instagrammed and facebooked me with your response to the big Memo Board vs. Letter Board Debate of 2018, as you can see…

<face palm>…

I went with neither Option A nor B, but threw an Option C in there out of nowhere?!

For what it’s worth, the Letter Board won by a landslide. In all honesty though, I couldn’t get 100% behind it – something was just a teensy bit off for me. And that memo board…oh I love that thing! And I have nowhere else in this house to put it, so I hung it up just to live with it for a day. And then THAT wasn’t 100% vibing with me.

Then out of the clear blue sky, I was trying to think of anything around the house I could use, and I remembered this window pane mirror that has been in just about every room of this house, and currently was above my husband’s dresser, but definitely could be moved. I tried it and BAM! Loved it immediately.

Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and maybe the perfect thing is right under your nose!

At first I thought it might seem weird to have a mirror that’s not functional, but I think since it’s a window pane one, I can get away with it. If it was a plain ol’ mirror, I wouldn’t. But this almost feels like a window and brightens it up in here! Bottom line too, is that this is our house. Someone might think it’s weird to hang a window there, but at the end of the day, you do you, know what I mean?

Also, that scale is an antique that my sister scored years ago and never found a place in her kitchen for it! I knew I wanted to hang a scale there, to balance out the shelves on the opposite side, and remembered she bought this – so she dug it out of storage and gave it to me! How amazing is that?!

This view when I’m at the sink just makes me smile. Do you have a certain spot in your house where your eyes are just happy? That’s this for me:

Once I finish accessorizing, I can show you the rest. Should have that reveal post up next week! 🙂

Ok, I have a bajillion things to do and a dog staring at me to go on a walk so I better get moving. Will I get to a Favorite Things Friday post tonight, I’m not sure? I’m contemplating moving it to every other week – at least while this season is so bananas. We’ll see. So if you don’t hear from me, I’ll be back next week with a final kitchen post!!! EEK!

Talk soon, friends!



  1. I am soooo glad to know someone else is as paint crazy as I am! (All the paint stores know me well!) I love how you describe trying to match what is in your head! Isn’t that true of so much of decorating??? But when you get it right, it FEELS right…Every time I look at something that I feel I nailed, it makes me smile!
    I voted for the letter board, but honestly wasn’t in love with either. Option C is perfect! To me, that antique scale is awesomeness. The fact that the mirror reflects that object, yet doesn’t fight it for attention, is perfect.
    I’m having so much fun watching this room transform!

  2. Color is very pretty. I like the letter board. Where did you purchase it?

  3. Do you have a different paint color in every room?

  4. Looks great! Can you tell me what color the shiplap and cabinets are?

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