A Simple Touch of Fall in the Dining Room

As you know from my last post, I’ve started Fall-ifying the house. I get SO sad every year when Summer ends, then the second I open up these bins, my love for Fall comes back to me. I start adding all the orangey touches and pumpkins around the house, and I remember how much I adore this time of year. It’s like I forget how deliriously wonderful it is.

I always try and do something a little different every year. My centerpieces are no exception. I got that rockin’ tray from Home Goods this past year that sits on my dining room table, so I wanted to play around with that. I looked in the bins, I looked around the house, and with the exception of a couple new pumpkins from Michaels, this new arrangement was born with stuff I already had!

Fall Centerpiece

All I had to do was throw some stuff in a white pitcher (had the stuff, had the pitcher), and stack those cute blue and gold pumpkins in my DIY Glass Cloche. Remember that? LOVE that thing. Added another pumpkin because I have a thing with odd number things – 2 or 4 would’ve thrown me ALL off;), and that was all she wrote!

easy fall centerpiece

easy fall centerpiece

On that same day I went to Michaels and bought the cute mini pumpkins, I also snagged this sign for the Coffee Bar…

easy fall centerpiece

It’s like I had no choice, people. NO. CHOICE. It just jumped right on in my cart.

A little filler in those mason jar thingys below it (that I already had), and that about wraps up my not-so-elaborate Fall decor in the dining room;) Sometimes a little simplicity is all you need.

Stay tuned for some basement posts coming up! It’s THISCLOSE to done!


  1. Super cute! I’m looking at my non-decorated summer kitchen and thinking “I’ve got to get with it”! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Currently still feels like 90 degrees here in South Texas. Just can’t bring myself to Fall-ify the house just yet. I seem to remember right before we go trick-or-treating that I need to change my door wreath. Thanks for the reminder.

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