Spooky Decorating On The (REAL!) Cheap

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My kids just go nuts when the Halloween stuff comes out of the bins. That day they walk in from school and the spiderwebs are up and the ghosts are on display – the neighbors can probably hear the squeals three streets over;). I, myself, would be perfectly content with just the Fall stuff alone – give me all the apples and pumpkins and orange foliage all day everyday, but I can take or leave the spooky stuff. But while these babies are still loving every minute of it, you can bet I’ll be busting out that stuff while I can! It’s only up for a few weeks anyway and these (kind of hideous) haunted house tea towels and (bizarre looking) stuffed witch that they love that sits perched on a shelf are the things they’ll remember one day. I know this, because my mom recently dropped off some old decorations she wasn’t using, so that my holiday-decorating-loving kids could deck out their bedrooms – and in it were these wooden ghosts. Immediately I could see them – plain as day – on the kitchen windowsill of our childhood home. And it gave me all the nostalgic warm and fuzzies. Don’t let anyone ever tell you the kids won’t notice because they do. Even if they don’t show it right now, it matters to them.

But maybe an elaborately decorated house for every holiday isn’t in the budget – or maybe there’s just no time in your busy life to go all out – if that’s the case, believe me, I get it. But a quick stop at the local dollar store, a few bucks, and ten minutes can do a lot…

I picked up this spiderweb a few years ago, but I’m guessing they’re still around – or at least something similar. One dollar, and look at that impact! The spiders were two in a pack, so that’s another dollar, and the paper black bats were also one dollar for a pack. Boom! For three bucks, my hallway is spook-tacular (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I just used a little painters tape to secure the bats (which, by the way, if you can’t find in your store, I found these on Amazon – just click on the affiliate link below!).

The web is up on my window with the nail that’s always there to hold wreaths, and I just stuck the spiders in there by weaving their legs in and out of the web.

Fun to see those little bats peeking around the corner from the kitchen and dining room!


I love decorating without spending a lot of money or time…but the best part is always seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces:)

Happy Spooky Decorating!

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