More Proof That Design Matters: Wise Words From My 10 Year Old…

So I made a pillow for my daughter’s bedroom the other day.

Can we just stop and let THAT sink in for a moment – I MADE A PILLOW.


I know, you can lift your jaws up off the floor along with me now. Miss Queen of All Things No-Sew. Believe, no one is more shocked than yours truly.

You might’ve seen that photo I posted on Instagram and Facebook of us sewing together – but in case you missed it, I have starting taking sewing lessons and it is life-changing.


We are having so much fun!! A little too much fun actually – they always seem to want to dive into some big project around 8pm when I’m done for the day. Mommy runs 100% out of steam by, oh, maybe 6:45 on a good night;)

But back to this pillow.

I had found this sweet pattern at Hobby Lobby with all her room’s colors in it. It was just…lovely and feminine and her.

So I surprised her with a pillow for her bed and she was so happy. I used the insert from this super sparkly gold pillow that was there before – you can see it in this pic:

big girl room

And what she said to me the next day blew my mind.

“Mommy, I can’t believe that this one new pillow makes my whole room feel different. That sparkly gold pillow that was there …I mean, I liked it, but it just, I don’t know…made me feel…it’s really hard to explain…busy maybe? But this one, when I look it…and I just feel, ahhhhh. It makes me feel calm. And peaceful. I love it.”


girl's room pillow

Seriously. I am not making this up. This girl, at ten years old, gets it. Design really, truly, makes you feel things. Our spaces that we live in – they matter so very much. Some might say decorating isn’t important, but oh, it SO IS. Just look at what this one little pillow made my daughter feel. And it’s also proof that we don’t have to overwhelm ourselves with an entire house makeover or a project that isn’t in our budget at the moment to make a difference in how we feel – a few bucks worth of fabric was all it took to make my girl feel peaceful.

girls room

It also made me really think about asking my kids what they want from their rooms. Being a decorator, I know what I like, and I tend to just start rolling with it without really asking them if they like it too. But what they think matters – I mean, it is their room. And I want them to feel happy and peaceful in their space. Especially as they’re growing up, entering middle school. Life is going to start changing big time for my oldest pretty soon, and I can’t think of anything better than giving her a space that she loves and calms her as she faces a new school, new friends, and all that comes with growing up.

So we sat down, we did some looking online, and we discussed any other changes they would like to see in their bedrooms. I’m going to try my best to incorporate their ideas more, starting in my oldest’s room. It’s not going to be a major makeover, since it hasn’t been that long since her last one – but we are doing some new stuff in there – and I can’t WAIT to show you. This one little pillow has really inspired both of us. She had THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA EVER that I was more than on board with. Stay tuned for that! I’ll give you a hint: Sea Salt + Shiplap. I’ve never been so proud;)

Next time you talk yourself out of doing something for your home, even if it’s just buying a little candle to light at night when you unwind – I hope you remember the wise words of my daughter. May we all find a place that makes us not feel busy but instead, calm and peaceful.



  1. Every time you post, I feel like I’m living a parallel life with you. I started sewing lessons this winter too and it really is life changing! And sooo much fun!!! Happy stitching!!

  2. I kid you not i have made a small rectangular pillow with same fabric for my daughter’s room and she absolutely loves it. We have similar color scheme. Great job on sewing! I love it, relaxes me.

  3. Nice! It’s in her blood 🙂

  4. Amanda R Cushenbery says:

    Love the fabric, was it recently that you found it at HL?

  5. Love this and love your daughter’s insight!

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