June 2017 Roundup!

Wow, feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a round-up post…not sure why?! When I realized it’s the last day of June today, I thought maybe I should bring the round-up posts back. I mean, we’re all busy people living our busy lives and I’m sure you don’t check this page every day…or every week…or maybe it’s once in a blue moon – so why not lump everything together and link it all up in one place? That way it’s all right here for you to check out in case there’s anything you missed – should you want to, of course;)


Here goes…

1. Fiddling Around the Family Room – I wrote about my favorite thing: having a day to walk around the house, trying out this table over there, that lamp by the couch instead of the chair…gives everything a new feel, AND it’s free!

summer family room

2. Another Chapter Begins – Oh my heart. I was feeling all the feels at the beginning of the month as my oldest said goodbye to 5th grade. I’ve always been a mess at this kinda stuff. “IT’S LIKE THE END OF AN ERA!” (Any Friends fanatics catch that?!;) So I turned to my therapy and wrote a post about it…

middle school

3. My 6 Year Blogiversary – this was a fun post to write as I looked back on some of the dramatic before and afters over the years…

dining room

4. An Updated Gallery Wall – I picked up three more frames and turned this wall into a statement…

gallery wall

5. Sweet Little Space for the Dollhouse Room – Love this little spot in my daughter’s room!

dollhouse room

6. Chalkboard Fridge Update – FINALLY tackled a project I’ve been wanting to do for years and I love how it turned out!

chalkboard fridge

7. Old Kitchen Stool Turned Nightstand…(and some of my favorite unique table choices) – Because who says a table HAS to be a table?!

stool turned nightstand

So that wraps up June! Hope you’re enjoying your Summer so far…we’ve got some fun projects on the horizon so stay tuned!

As always, thanks so much for joining me on this fun blogging journey! XO


  1. I love the round up Liz!!!! You have been busy this month. I’m so impressed with having the kids home for the summer, you did a lot in June!!! My eyes are bigger than the schedule…..hehe. Fun projects!

  2. Holly Bell Gavin says:

    I too loved the round up. Nice to Be able to retrieve info quickly. I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. If you could only paint your inside of your house one color would it be white or light grey (gray)?

    • I’d probably go with white if I had to pick one! As much as I love gray, I feel like I’m already starting to gravitate towards warmer tones – like the Revere Pewter in my family room. So if I went with all white I could switch up whenever I wanted:)

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